Its Always Been You

Hi, the names Lacey. I’m 18 and have been dating Niall Horan for about a year
now. I am 5'7 and have a twin sister named Haley. I have long blonde hair and
green eyes. You may be wondering how I met Niall. So I'll start from the


7. Could This Really Be Happening

    I woke up around 4am feeling sick. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and puked. I must of woke Niall up because I felt foot steps behind me. Niall held my hair as I puked again. I flushed the toliet and he rubbed my back and said, " You ok babe?" I let him hold me for awhile sitting there untill I finally felt a little better. " Must of been a virus or something." I said. We layed around the house for the rest of the day and he waited on me hand and foot. Hes so sweet. I finally felt better when we went to sleep that night.  
  I woke up the next day sick again. Niall was getting worried and so was I . What was wrong with me? Its not like Im pregnant or anything. Wait am I pregnant. " Niall," I said laying in his arms on the couch. " Feeling sick again love?" No, I was just thinking." " About what," he kissed my head lightly. I grabbed his hand and our fingers intertwined. I placed our hands on my belly. " I think Im pregnant."

** Authors Note*

Im sorry I left you all hanging. I will update when I can. If you have any ideas please comment. Thanks for reading!           

                                             -Lacey <3                            

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