Peanut the hamster


4. Ashley's P.O.V.

We arrive at my house. It's a bigger house than some of my friends' houses, but I didn't care. I carried my hamster inside and ran up the stairs into my room. I turn on my light and walk through the mess of clothes and old papers before sitting at my desk and opening the hamster box. "Welcome home. Hmm... You need a name. You look like a peanut, so plump and brown. That's it! Peanut!! Welcome home, Peanut," I say before pickling the hamster up and placing him in his pre-fixed up cage. I watched as he scanned the surroundings and walked into the birdhouse I got him. "I see you've found the bedroom," I say, chuckling. I look in and watch as Peanut slowly falls asleep.
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