Peanut the hamster


2. Ashley's P.O.V.

I sit in the car, staring out the window. "Thanks mom! I am so happy and can't wait to get a hamster!!" I smile happily as we arrive at the PetSmart. "Aww yea!! Lets go mom!" I shout, leaping out of the car, and sprint up to the door, dodging the cars that honk at me. I waited for my mother to arrive at the door, and I sprinted to the hamster cage. There were four. One was pressing himself against the cage, and the others were in the little purple igloo. I scurry to the worker and ask him to help me get a hamster. He agrees and I walk back to the hamsters. I point at the one against the glass and watch as he is placed in the box. I grab the box, my mother checks out, and we settle in the car for the ride home. I finally have my own hamster!
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