Peanut the hamster


1. Peanut's P.O.V.

I am Peanut. I am a small brown Syrian hamster, and currently live in PetSmart. Life is good. So far. "Hey! Look! A human!! Guys! A human! Guys!" I shout to my friends sleeping in the purple plastic igloo. They groan as I run up to the invisible shield protecting me from falling. This human is one of the prettier ones, she is about as tall as my shelf, her brown fur(or do the humans call it hair? I'm not sure.) stuck on top of her head. She walks over to me, smiles, runs to the human that changes my floors every week, and then returns, pointing directly at me. I think she's saying something, but I'm not sure. About five seconds later, I'm being picked up and placed in a box. The roof closes, and it's suddenly dark. All I have to see are tiny holes surrounding me. "Oh boy, an adventure! I wonder where I'm going?" I think to myself. And then I hear doors shut. "Where am I going..." I repeat until I'm fast asleep.
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