Someone I Never Knew

Sarah Martin is a regular 17 year old girl until she becomes friends with Justin Bieber, the school's jerk/hottie, she realize that he's not all bad and that there is some good in his heart. He falls in love with her, she falls in love with him. Nothing could go wrong. So she thinks. But she's wrong because there's still his.... REPUTATION


2. The Guy I Can't Get


Ugh I hate it when she's right... Its like I have no way to hide from the truth and that its always eating alive "Sarah I didn't mean to make you mad or feel uncomfortable in any way... I'm sorry" she apologize with a sorrow look in her eyes "Les... It's ok... Its just that I get paranoid when it comes to talking about my little crush on Justin... I dont want anyone to find out" I stated knowing that if anyone and i mean anyone found out then im dead "Sarah I get it... Its ok" She said... I dont know what it is but everytime im talking to Leslie about my problems she always finds a way to calm me down... Thats why we're sisters... if only we we're biologically related... 'RING' goes the bell that pulled me right out of my thoughts "Lets get to class" Leslie said while sighing softly... Leslie hates school... so do I... i would like school so much better if it wasn't for the pops ruining everyone's lives because I for one love to learn.

"Sarah Martin" the teacher said, taking the attendence, "Here" I said with a huge smile one my face... my first class was Spanish... i love Spanish... way better than French which I had to take last year "Leslie Jordan" Mrs.Perez said "Here" Leslie said while groaning... Leslie hated Spanish, the only thing that she like in school is Lunch, P.E., and Art... shes a great Artist "Does anyone know where Mr.Bieber is?" Mrs.Perez asked the class went silent "Ok then i guess he's absent" she said reaching for her attendence sheet just when she was about to mark Justin absent the door opened and in he came... Justin... looking as fine as he wanna look "Mr.Bieber your late" the teacher said firmly "sorry Mrs.Perez... I lost track of time" he said flirting with ANOTHER teacher "Its ok... just let it be the last time" she said flirting back.... If that was me i would of got detention... Mrs.Perez is 27 and really pretty so its easy to turn her on... i think shes the youngest teacher here... and i also think that the whole football team got in her pants already... especially Justin... he's the team's quaterback and he's like totally hot "Ok class... Today we're just basicially reveiwing last month's lesson" she said making the class groan of boredom "I know, I know... i'd rather chill to but we have to do this "When i call on your name your say 'Hello my name is blahblahblah' Ok?... so we're starting with Ms.Martin" she said " Hola mi nombre es Sarah"
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