Someone I Never Knew

Sarah Martin is a regular 17 year old girl until she becomes friends with Justin Bieber, the school's jerk/hottie, she realize that he's not all bad and that there is some good in his heart. He falls in love with her, she falls in love with him. Nothing could go wrong. So she thinks. But she's wrong because there's still his.... REPUTATION


1. Just a Typical Monday


Ugh!! I so dont wanna go to school today... Another day of being extremely tired while living 7 hours and 30 minutes in a hellhole called school... Once again i went to bed late and only have 5 hors of sleep "Sarah!! Breakfast is ready" my mom yelled from the kitchen.. she knows i dont wake up real early so why is my breakfast always ready when i first wake up? Nevermind that... i smell like i haven't had a shower in days so i'll just take a shower. After i took my shower i put on my black Graffic Tee and my denim blue skinny jeans then i ran downstairs while slipping on my black Chuck Taylor's "Bye Mom" i said "What about breakfast?" She asked while i looked at the food which was probably already cold "uhm... Its cold" i said then kissed her cheek after that i ran to my car and drove to school

"Hey Sarah" my best friend Leslie greeted while walking up to me "hey girl" I greeted back "So... Uhm the Valentines dance in next week... Did yo ask Justin yet?" She asked... she knows i cant do yhat... im too shy and he'll just laugh in my face.. i'll probably be the laughing stock of the school "No" i said with my confidence decreasing so far down "Why? You like him" she stated "Pssh... no I dont I just think he's cute" I said completly lying... Obviously Leslie saw right through me "no Sarah... you like... you liked him ever since we we're in 1st grade" she said stating the obvious facts "Lets just drop this conversation Les" I said while slamming my locker
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