A Niall Horan FanFic

18 year-old Livi had lived on a street for about a year.Her family hated her.She would of done anything for a real life.After she makes enough money to see One Direction in concert,she saves Niall.Will Livi and Niall be in love?


2. We Fell In Love

I loved Niall.I wasn't quite sure if he felt the same was.Once we were at the hotel, Niall went to go take a shower."So you have fallen for him?"Harry asked with a grin."Yes."I replied."Is it his ascent?" "It's everything about him.I don't love him because he is famous.I love him because he is himself.He is just amazing.I don't know if he likes me though." "Well duh!He wouldn't ask anyone to stay with him." "Thanks Harry.I will ask him." Niall walked down the stairs.I walked over to him and started to say,"Niall do...."I didn't finish what I was going to ask before Niall said,"Yes Livi I do love you.Thank you for all you said about me." "Your welcome.I promise it is true." "Livi would you like to be my girlfriend?" "Yes!A thousand times yes!" I screamed that.I cried a little,but Niall just smiled.Harry winked at me.I mouthed the words thank you to him.He smiled.I started to get cold. "Niall I'm cold.Is there here I could change into?"I asked."I have a spare shirt and sweatpants upstairs.I'll go get them."Niall replied.He ran upstairs and grabbed them."Here you go love."Niall said."Thanks."I said.I grabbed them and kissed Niall on the cheek.He smiled.I ran upstairs to change."So Niall you love her!"Louis said."Oh shut up."Niall said."Well sorry for asking!" Niall punched him."Oh so you do like her!"Zayn said.Niall was mad.Then everyone started chanting,"Niall loves Livi!" They kept chanting that until I came downstairs.They paused.Then ran upstairs.I looked at Niall.He started to cry.I hugged him.I said,"It's ok babe." He wouldn't stop crying.I felt so bad.He wouldn't open his eyes.I leaned in to kiss him. I did.Are lips met each other.I pulled back.I wiped the tears from Niall's face.He smiled. I hugged him again.I was happy."I love you Livi."Niall said."I love you too."I replied.

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