A Niall Horan FanFic

18 year-old Livi had lived on a street for about a year.Her family hated her.She would of done anything for a real life.After she makes enough money to see One Direction in concert,she saves Niall.Will Livi and Niall be in love?


1. Me and Saving Niall?

I sat there in the front row seats for the One Direction concert.They were singing Everything About You.It was time for Harry's solo.Everyone was watching him. Then Niall fell face first onto the stage.He wasn't moving.I ran on stage and picked him up.I started to carry him to a safer place.Then Liam turned around and I swore I seen a tear run down his face,anyways he ran to me to help and said in his microphone,"Boys we have to stop!" They turned around and ran.Liam helped by help carry Niall's legs.I held Niall like a baby.I sat Niall on the couch backstage and called 911.Liam started to cry."Liam it is ok."I said gently.He replied,"I know. I am just scared." He sat down and cried more.Harry was pacing back and forth. Louis sat next to Liam and hugged him.Zayn was starring at Niall.I walked to Niall and held his hand and prayed.I could tell Liam knew I did.After 5 minutes, paramedics walked in.One of them asked,"Who wants to go with him?" Everyone pointed at me."Me I guess."I said.Once we got to the hospital,the doctor said Niall would be fine and would wake up soon.Liam,Louis,Harry,Zayn,and I sat in Niall's room.Niall woke up and asked,"What happened?" No one knew but me.I walked over to him and said,"Hi Niall.My name is Livi.I am 18.And you fell onstage,busted your head,and I carried you off." "I helped!"Liam said.Harry punched him in his shoulder."It's ok Harry.Yes Liam you did help."I said."Thank you Livi."Niall said.He sat up,hugged me,and kissed me on the forehead.I blushed. "I am hungry.Can we go eat?"Niall asked."Sure Niall."I replied.We went to the cafeteria."So tell us about you Livi."Niall said."Well there isn't much to tell.My parents died last year and I have lived on a street ever since.I just made enough money to come see you in concert."I said."See him what about us?!"Zayn said.Niall gave him a look that said shut up.Zayn looked down at the floor."I'm sorry you had to live on the street."Niall said.I started to cry.Since I was sitting next to him,he pulled me close and for like 3 minutes I cried into his chest.Then I heard Niall say,"Would you like to come on tour and stay with us?" I said,"Yes thank you." "Your welcome."Niall replied.I sat up and rubbed my eyes.Niall went to the bathroom to change.Then he took my hand and walked to the limo.

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