Girl Let Me Love You<3 {Niall Horan Love Story}

This is a Niall James Horan love story. Read and find out what it's about!


2. Chapter 2

"Flight 230 boarding to London"
That was my cue. I grabbed all my luggage which is 5 bags. I started making my towards the plane, and I boarded the plane and looked for my seat. I finally found my seat thank goodness it's a window seat. I put all my stuff in the rack above the seats and sat down. I grabbed my iPod and popped my head phones blocking everything around me. But right when I was about to fall asleep i felt someone sit beside me. So curious me turned off my music and took out my head phones and looked to see who was sitting beside me. It was a guy in a hoodie and sunglasses. Hmm? Why would he be wearing sunglasses on a plane? Is he a freak? Nah he don't look like one.
Me: Hi
What? I'm trying to me nice??
???: ........

Is it good? Sorry I just now updated I'm really busy..
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