Make u feel my love

Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson sister. Megan is sent by her parents to live with louis and the band but Louis is being way overprottected of Megan and doesn't let her hangout with any of the guys but will Megan fall for one of the guys or will one of the guys fall for her


6. Watching horror movies with zayn: Megan's pov

Me and zayn where about to kiss until the front door open and Louis stood there. What is going on here? Asked Louis. Um There was an eyelash in my eye and zayn was helping me I say. Well get in side Said Louis. Me and zayn walked in side and I found eleanor sitting on the couch. Hey ele I say. Hey megan said eleanor. I'm going to go take a shower I say. I went up stairs and began to take a shower. After I took a shower I put on a pair of sweatpants and a shirt and put my hair up in a bun and went down stairs. I walked into the living room and found zayn sitting on the couch in a white tank top and plaid pj pants. Where Is everyone? I ask. Asleep said zayn. Already? I glanced at the clock which said 10:45 pm. Yeah do you want to watch a movie? Asked zayn. Sure which one? I ask. How about paranormal activity 2? Asked zayn. Um I don't know I say. Come on it'll be fine said zayn. Ok I say. I sat down on the couch and zayn sat next to me and pressed play. When a scary part came on I scooted closer to zayn. And at one part I got so scared I buried my face into his chest. Shhh it's okay said zayn holdings tightly. I lifted my head from his chest and look at him. He smiled sofltly and began to wisper. Why don't you sit in my lap said zayn. I nodded and zayn pulled me into his lap and I began to lean my head on his chest and watched the movie. When another scary part came on I buried my head into his chest again. I looked up at him and he began to lean then he gave me a passionate kiss. Megan will you be my girlfriend? Asked zayn. Of course I say. I began to hear footsteps but I ignored it and continued to kiss zayn. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!? Yelled a voice. We pulled away and I saw....
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