Make u feel my love

Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson sister. Megan is sent by her parents to live with louis and the band but Louis is being way overprottected of Megan and doesn't let her hangout with any of the guys but will Megan fall for one of the guys or will one of the guys fall for her


1. Meeting the band: MEGAN'S POV

I walked up to the front door of my brother Louis house. Yes Louis tomlinson of one direction your proububly wondering is it fun haveing him as a brother. It is but he's very over protective of me. For example when I was helping my friend Austin with homework over the phone he was on one the other house phone evesdroping on my conversation. So there's your proof on how protective louis is. I knocked on the door then 5 seconds later I saw a guy with wavy hair appear in the door way. "can I help you?" he asked leaning on the door frame. Uh Is Louis here? I ask. MEGAN POO!!!! Yelled Louis running down the hall. Hi Louis!! I say. Oh Megan I've missed you! Said Louis picking me up. I've missed you too but your crushing me i say. Sorry! Said Louis dropping me. Liam can you go get the other guys? Asked louis. Sure said Liam.
As soon as every one was down stairs Louis began to introduce me. Guys this is my baby sister Megan. Megan this is Niall, Liam,Harry And zayn said Louis. Hi I say holding out my hand they all shook it except zayn he gave me a hug. It was A nice Friendly hug until Louis began to speak. Um zayn what do you think your doing?
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