Make u feel my love

Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson sister. Megan is sent by her parents to live with louis and the band but Louis is being way overprottected of Megan and doesn't let her hangout with any of the guys but will Megan fall for one of the guys or will one of the guys fall for her


3. Getting ready for the beach: Megan's pov

I ran up to my room and began to change into my rainbow striped string bikini. After I finished getting dressed I went down stairs and saw zayn sitting on the couch in a tank top and his swim shorts. When saw me his jaw dropped and stared. Um zayn can you put sunscreen on my back? I ask. Sure he said. I felt his hands rub againest my back as he applied the sunscreen. Thanks zayn I say as he finished. No problem he said smileing. Louis and the others came down stairs and when Louis saw me he freaked out. Megan go put on a cover up said Louis. Ugh fine I say. You can borrow one of my shirts said zayn. It's okay I have one I say. No really come with me said zayn. I followed zayn into his room and he handed me his guns n roses shirt. Thanks zayn i say hugging him. He wrapped his tanned arms around my waist and whispered in my ear. No problem beautiful. I began to blush and we walked out of the room. About time said Niall. Okay not 7 if us can fit in one car said Louis. Wait there's six of us u say. I invited Eleanor to come with us is that okay? Asked Louis. Yeah eleanor is really sweet I say. Cool now she should be here in a few minutes said Louis. Louis was then cut off by the doorbell. I'll get it I say. I got up and open the door and saw Eleanor. Hi Eleanor!! I say. Hey Megan i didn't know you were visiting said Eleanor. I just got here today I say. Eleanor were just talking About the car arangements said Louis giving Eleanor a kiss on the cheek. How about 5 in one and 2 in another suggested Eleanor. Sounds good someone can come with me In my car said zayn. I'll come With you I say. um I don't think began Louis but Eleanor cut him off. Louis it'll be fine zayn wouldnt do anything to Megan said Eleanor. But I still don't think began Louis but Eleanor cut him off with a kiss. She whispered something to him and he nodded. Okay Megan and zayn you guys go In Zayns car and the rest of us can go in my car said Louis.
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