Make u feel my love

Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson sister. Megan is sent by her parents to live with louis and the band but Louis is being way overprottected of Megan and doesn't let her hangout with any of the guys but will Megan fall for one of the guys or will one of the guys fall for her


4. Car ride to the beach: Megan's pov

When the guys began to load the cars I pulled Eleanor aside to ask her something. Eleanor what did you tell Louis that made him change his mind? I ask. I told him that zayn wouldn't do anything to you said Eleanor. Thanks Eleanor! I say. No problem now lets get going said Eleanor. Okay you girls ready? Asked Liam. Me and Eleanor nodded. Okay then let's go! Said Liam. I went to the passenger side of Zayns car and zayn opened the door for me. Thanks I say getting in. He smiled and got into the drivers side. I put on my sunglasses and put my arm on the arm rest. As he backed out of the driveway he stop and talked to Louis who was driving his car. I sat back in my chair and I felt a hand in my hand. I looked down and saw Zayns hand in my hand. I kept my hand there and began to listen to the radio. After about 30 minutes of silence zayn began to talk. So Megan tell me about yourself said zayn. Well there's nothing much I'll be 19 in a month,my fav color is purple, my favorite food is ribs and I guess that's it I said. What about boyfriends you have one? Asked zayn. No um he cheated on me with another girl I say. Oh I'm sorry that guy is a jerk he said. Thanks now it's your turn tell me about yourself I say. Well I just turned 19, I have 4 sisters I'm single and in a band he said. I thought you were dating Perrie Edwards I say. I was but It didn't work out he said. Oh well I'm sorry I say. It's okay and that guy who cheated on you is a jerk he said holding my hand tighter.
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