Make u feel my love

Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson sister. Megan is sent by her parents to live with louis and the band but Louis is being way overprottected of Megan and doesn't let her hangout with any of the guys but will Megan fall for one of the guys or will one of the guys fall for her


5. Alone time with zayn:Megan's pov

When me and zayn pulled up to the beach parking lot and got out Louis car wasn't there yet. Zayn? Where are the others? I ask. They should have been here by now said zayn. I'll call louis I say. When I called Louis phone Eleanor picked up. Hey me and zayn are here where are you guys? I ask. Umm Louis got pulled over for driving to slow and now he's debating with the officer that pulled us over said Eleanor. Okay we'll wait here for you I say. After I hung up zayn asked where they were. Louis got pulled over for driving to slow and now he's arguing with the officer I say. Oh so what do we do now? Asked zayn. Well I told them that we would wait for them I say. Well it's a beautiful day why don't we go down to the beach? Said zayn. Ok sounds like fun I say smileing. When we reached the beach I layed down my towel and went Over toward zayn. Come on zayn let's go in the water I say. Um I don't know said zayn. Come on zayn i'll be with you I say. Okay said zayn. We went into the water and stopped at knee deep. See your fine I say. Thanks Megan said zayn. No problem I say smileing. I'm kinda hungry want to gets something to eat? I ask. Sure let's get something to eat at the board walk said zayn. We got out of the water and I put on Zayns guns n roses shirt. We saw a red lobster so we went in and we asked for a table for two.
While we were waiting for our table I heard a familiar voice call my name. Megan? Said a voice. I turned around and saw my ex-boyfriend. Hi Austen I say. What are you doing here? Asked Austen. I'm getting food I say. Oh who's your friend? Asked Austen glancing at zayn. Oh... Uh this I began. I'm zayn her boyfriend said zayn. Oh really? How long have you guys been dating? Asked austen. For about a few weeks I say. Yep and she's the most beautiful girl if ever seen said zayn putting his arm around my waist. Oh well it was nice seeing you again said austen. I didn't say anything and watched him go off with the girl he cheated on me with. Are you ok? Asked zayn whispering. Yeah I'm fine I say. After we ate I got a text from Louis saying to come home. As me and zayn walked up to the front door. I had an amazing time today said zayn. Me too it was fun I say. He began to lean in and so did I, we were about to kiss until the door opened and we saw....
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