beyond what I thought

A girl whos mother disappear out of nowhere and her father leaving her alone with no family to call hers and her haveing dreams of going to a new place but yet it felt like home there


1. the haze

No one wants me no one loves me im just nothing to everyone  my mother went missing when i was little my dad left me to find her and im with a foster family they are nice people cara and sam  love me like im there real child im the only child they have but it was not the same Allison Cara called yes i answer it summer go out and do something ok  i say i hate going out why could i  not just  stay in my room  but i must do as they  say so i put on a pink shirt an black  skinny jeans and white  vans and but my black hair in a mess bun and i walk out the door have fun my Cara and Sam say i walk down to the lake were i always go to find pace and  as i was siting there on a rock i hear my friend may call my name i know i would find u here may said yup why do u like it here its nice here i say ok whatever you say hey what  to come over to my house sure i say so we walk to may's house and  her mom is not home so we make popcorn and put on the one direction movie after it was over we went to her room to go to sleep the next day i wake up and i find myself  at my house not may's and there was grass on my feet and cuts on my arms were did i go what  did i do why do i have cuts all over me i run to the bathroom and clean up and think about what went one all i could recall was some one saying my  name telling me to find them and then everything went black was i going out of my mind  i sat wonder what went on when the phone ringed it was may asking why i left without saying goodbye i could not just tell her why because i did not no why so i told her that my mom called and ask me why i did not tell her that i went to her house and to come back home  oh ok may said and then hung up after the phone call i felt sleep but  i did not no why if i went to sleep all night so i went to get food when i did i heard someone whisper my name and  went to were i heard the whispering and and out of nowhere i see a light and its in a shape of a girl and then boom its gone tun back not knowing what happened not knowing why these things were happen  to to and why when i run into this boy with brown hair green eyes and he was tall in he look someone i meet or  some one i know and i did not know why i could not put my foot on it but i felt like this is not the first  time  we have meet im so sorry i say its ok hes say i have to go i say is i ran off he was going to say something but i was to sacred  and freaked out to even care when i got home i took a nap 

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