title explpains all


1. i am....

this was wrote in class. Enjoy!~ this for my friends!~


I am lost and confused.

I wonder why people think I don't understand.

I hear they're unbelief.

I see the troubles they try to hide.

I want to know why they won't tell me.

I am lost and confused.

I pretend to be cluelesss.

I feel unwanted.

I touch down with their problems.

I worry that they don't notice my worry for them.

I cry for for their problems that are unvoiced.

I am lost and confused.

I understand what the won't tell ne.

I say that I understand.

I dream of nothing.

I try to make the tell me.

I hope some day they will relise I'm not clueless.

I am lost and confused.


there done enjoy!~ P.S This is all true so suck it!~

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