Imaginary Freind

    The Imaginary Freind
         ( one direction)

    I sat on the edge of my bed waiting for Mary. The door opened with a soft blow of breeze. Mary had long wavy blonde hair and bright cyan eyes. She was 11 ( like me) and very tall (unlike me). Very pale and she always wore her favorite soft blue puffy dress. Her eyes were shaped as a Teddy bears. "Did you eat breakfast yet?" She asked in her velvet like voice. "No ,Mary, i always wait for you." i ansered. She nodded and i grabbed the cold hand as we ran down the orfinages stairs. 
    "Line up!" olivia, the attendent yelled. Mary and i raced eachother giggleing. One we were standing in our spots ,jannet the jerk came over and steped on Mary's ballet flats. She yellped, but only i noticed. "Jannet get off Mary's foot!" i ordered. 
"You and your imaginary freind." she sneered.
I clamped my jaw together as a few boys walked in. Mary moved her Foot away from Jannet. "Alexis. Your being adopted."


3. School = bullies.

"Hey, Lex?" Daddy asked. "Ya daddy?" i asked back. "You have to go middweather secondary school school.".(Not shure if thats real. I live in the us so i might not get the gades right)
I sucked in a breath and walked away without anothor word. I don't like school. At all. "When?" i shouted. "Tommaro." Daddy walked upstairs handed me a school uniforn. Eww. Ug-ly.
I sighed as daddy walked out. Madison walked past my bedroom with a bunch of other girls. I went to sleep.

Tomaro morning

"Wake up! Wake up!" Someone was shakeing me. I looked at the dreadfull uniform and got up. I went to the mirror and pointed out all my flaws. My nose is to small. I have a huge over bite. Ect. Ect. I brushed my brown hair and put it into a pony-tail. I looked into my eyes. The only thing that i like. The dark purple rim and the bright brown with flecks of orange. I walked out off my room.

"Hey,Your Lexi right?" a girl snikkered. Her face covered in makeup. "Ya." i said hesetating. "Okay. Bye bye ugly eyes." she smirked. Okay. Now i like nothing about myself. Im just an ugly 14 year old. Worthless and stupid. The girl pinched my arm and walked away. That night i did thing i will regreat. And forgetting to clean up my blood. Dont worry. Im alive.
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