Follow Your Heart

~What happens when you love someone too much, that at some point you have to let them go?~
Alexis is the type of girl who has had everything. Her future is laid out in front of her. One night she stumble across no one other than Harry Styles. Falling head over heels, both Harry and Alexis will have to overcome many obstacles to make their relationship work.
In the end though, it is all up to that four letter words that can make or break anything- Fate. Will fate be in favor of Alexis and Harry?


4. Yes Mother..

We walked slowly back to my house, making small talk while mesmerizing the stars above. Hand in hand he led me to the door of my home.

When we reached the steep, I turned to see him grinning from ear to ear. "What?" I rushed.

"It's just– I'm sad that that this night went by so fast." He blushed, and looked at our clasped hands. Instantly smiling and blushing, I said, "It doesn't have to be our last date you know."

Harry looked up. His green orbs meeting my gaze. "I would love that." The way the words fell out of his mouth, I could tell that he meant them. I giggled. When I realized that my chuckle came out childish, I covered my mouth.

A smile stretched across Harry's lips. "What?" He asked, his British tone thick and deep.

"Oh. Just nothing."

Harry took a step forwards, cradling my face in his husky hands. "Good night,Alexis." He whispered. My heart fluttered as he spoke my name.

In the heat of the moment Harry inched closer and closer to me. Finally not even an inch away from Harry's lips, I pulled away.

I couldn't kiss him. Not with my mom home from her business trip. "Sweet dreams, Harry." I stepped towards the door. My hand unlatched from his, and landed on the cold brass metal of the front door's handle. Before I entered I turned to see Harry grinning his awarding cheeky smile.

I blushed, thinking of my day out, as i walked into the kitchen to grab myself a bottled water. There I found my mom at the breakfast bar, paperwork spread around her. Her reading glasses at the peek of her nose.

"Hello, mum. How was you business trip?" I asked leaning against the marbled counter top, uncapping my water. After a minute she stopped typing, and looked up at me. "It was work; same old, same old. What about your date with that guy at the door?" I paused. Finding it terribly scary that she knew I was on a date, I looked down at my hands that clasped around the water bottle. Not wanting to answer, I decided to take another swig of my water. 

Mum cleared her throat. "Alexis, I really hope you two are using protection."

Nearly choking on the water, I spewed it out. Oh my gosh she did not just say that..!?

"Mum!" I screeched. 

"What? I really don't think it would be all to classy if my 17 year old daughter turned out pregnant. And I really am not ready to be a grandmother. Can you blame me?"

I mentally faced palmed myself. "Just so you know we aren't. Plus I just met him. And we don't need to have the talk. Ever."

She stared at me for a moment, then took off her glasses. "I'm just saying."

I threw up my hands. "Yes. Mother I understand. But i'm just saying too. You can trust me on this subject. Literally."

She shook her head and turned back to her work. I knew that this wouldn't be the last of this conversation. Mentally giving her the finger, I stormed off to my sanctuary.

To get my mind off of everything, I pulled my homework out and turned on my stereo. Coincidentally the song 'Up All Night' came on. I tapped my pencil to the beat, listening to there angelic voices; especially Harry's.

Sigh. Guess I won't be getting much homework done tonight.  


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