Follow Your Heart

~What happens when you love someone too much, that at some point you have to let them go?~
Alexis is the type of girl who has had everything. Her future is laid out in front of her. One night she stumble across no one other than Harry Styles. Falling head over heels, both Harry and Alexis will have to overcome many obstacles to make their relationship work.
In the end though, it is all up to that four letter words that can make or break anything- Fate. Will fate be in favor of Alexis and Harry?


8. Let's Just Stay Like This Forever..

     Two days had gone by without word from Harry, and I was afraid he was a bit scared of my mum. To be honest sometimes I was, but to me she was all looks. 

By the morning of the third day, I dragged out of bed depressed. I had sent him a text the night before, saying hello, yet there was no response. 

I stumbled through getting ready for school, then trolled down the stairs, finding my mum, of all people, in the kitchen. 

"Good morning." She cheering piped. 

This chick was highly getting on my nerves. "Is it? Is it a good morning?" I practically yelled.

Mum looked stunned, but the look only lasted for a brief second before she collected herself again. "Curfew will be set to 10 pm." She firmly stated.

I dropped my jaw in horror. "You can't do that!" 

Mum stood and collected her things. "I am you mother, therefore I can do whatever I want."

"Ugh!" I yelled before making my way to the garage door opening it, and slamming it behind me. 

Jumping into my car I pressed the garage door opener and cranked up my car. Then I floored it heading as far away from this place as possible.


     The ride to school was short, but it was long enough for me to make a decision to skip, and go find out what is up with Harry. I made a left hand turn instead of going straight into the school parking lot. 

Pulling out my phone, while carefully watching the road in front of me, I dialed his number. As if he knew what my plan was, he answered. "Hello?"

I couldn't speak. I had waited two full days to hear his voice.

"Lexi? Are you there?" Harry's British accent thick, as if he just woke.

I cleared my throat."I'm here.."

He chuckled a bit. "I'm sorry. Management called a meeting and I had to fly to England for a couple days. That's why I called you, I'm on my way home right now." 

I smiled. "When do you think you will be back?" 

"Impatient?" He bellowed, "I'm leaving the airport for home, as we speak."

I laughed. 

"Wait. Shouldn't you be in class?" Harry asked.

"Uh.. Um.. actually I decided to skip..." I blushed, leaving out the part of where I was about to be at his flat. 

He seductively growled into the phone. "Naughty girl. I'll be at my flat in like thirty minutes. You can let yourself into it. The key is in under pocket of the mat."

My heart practically melted. He told me where his spare key was. This was big. 

Oh man, I have to stop this gushing!

"O.. Okay. I'll be there." I blushed again.

There was a long pause. "You do know how to get to my flat right. 134 Remington Squ.?"

I remember before he left the last time I saw him, he told me where he lived so of course I wasn't going to forget.

"Yeah, well can't wait to see you." I said lightly into the phone before hanging up. 

Two minutes later I pulled up to his flat and followed Harry's directions. When I opened the door I was surprised that it was clean. Spotless I should say. Family and friend portraits scattered along the walls making me smile. He was such a teddy bear.

Moving closer to the fireplace, I saw that pictures of a woman and a girl a couple years older than me were laying all over the mantle. I looked at them one by one, but stopped when I saw one of them and Harry. He must have been 16 or something in the picture. Harry was in between them both, with his arms wrapped around their shoulders. All of their heads were tilted back in laughter. I smiled at the sight. It warmed my heart to see Harry so happy.

"I see you made your way to my flat safely." Harry's voice rung through the silence.

I about jumped all the way to China. "Harry! Oh my gosh!" I breathed, as my hand pressed against my heart trying to calm me down. 

He chuckled. "Didn't mean to scare you." 

I walked over to him and threw my hands around his, breathing in his masculine scent. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had never felt so close to home. With one touch from him, I felt like I would last forever. And without him, I would simply wither like a flower without water nor sunlight. 

"You okay, love?" Harry whispered into my ear.

Chills sparked on my skin. I softly nodded. 

I had only known Harry for a short amount of time, and I already felt this close to him. It scared me that he might not feel the same way about me. And that I would left stunned and brokenhearted. 

Harry cleared his throat. "That is my mom and my sister, if you were wondering." He gestured to the mantel. "Would you like a drink or something? I have tea if you'd like some." 

He pulled away from me. The distance felt like years, but I kept that to myself.  "Tea." I smiled, "Please."

Harry nodded his head, and turned to leave for the kitchen. 

"Your family seems lovely." I broke the awkward silence, which had seemed to linger in the air. 
I could practically hear him smile as he opened a cupboard in the kitchen. "Thanks."

Moments later Harry came in with two mugs, sugar cubes, and cream. "They both would absolutely love you." 

My cheeks heated instantly. "I'm sure I'd love them,too."

Harry led me to the couch. Sitting the mugs on the side table, he then pulled me near. "I couldn't wait to be home and snuggle with you." 

And with that he leaned in and exploded my lips with the most sensational feeling: his lips. 

"Your perfect." He mumbled into my mouth. 

I pulled back to look at him. 

Staring me in the eyes Harry said, "Ever since I laid eyes on you, I knew you were perfect." His large hand collapsed around my head and pulled me into his chest. 

And for the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon, we said there like that. Encased in each others bodies.


"I don't want this to end." Harry said, sitting up.

It was getting dark outside and I knew it was only minutes before my mom would call reminding me about my new quote "curfew". 

"I don't either." Silence crept up on us again. It was the good silence though. The silence that could go on forever, and you would still feel the love, the connection with that person. And I was glad that that person for me was Harry.

Just then my mischievous mind came up with a plan. "Harry?"

His hand shoved back my bangs. "Yes love?"

"What if I spent the night; would you mind?" My words came out fast. I was shy, not wanting to sound too desperate.

A smile grew across his angelic face. "Wouldn't your mum be wondering where you are?"

That's what my plan included. A plan to bypass my mum and curfew. "I bet my best friend would be all willing to lend me a hand after all the time I have helped her." 

Harry's green eyes burned with enlightenment. "Your so sneaky." He said.

Then leaning inches away from my ear, he whispered, "That's what I love about you."

With a quick kiss on the lips, I go up, grabbed my phone, and walked out onto his patio. 

The nights air had grown chilly, the hint of winter still lingering. 

After a couple of rings, Julia, my best friend since the first grade, answered.

"Yellow?" She greeted.

"I'm just going to start with, you know you owe me so you argument is going to be invalid." I rushed out.

"Okay.." Julia drug out the 'O.

"I need you to cover for me tonight." I sucked in a breath before finishing. "I am staying at Harry's house, and I'm telling my mum I'm at you house tonight. Got that?"

There was a dragged silence. "Julia, you got that?"

"Wow. Lexi, slow down. I never took you as the person to do this." before I could answer she said, "And who is his Harry guy? And why am I just now hearing about him?"

I grunted. Of all times for her to play the protective friend. I guess I owe her an explanation though.

"Harry. Well he is this genuine sexy guy that I met at a restaurant a couple weeks ago." I almost lost track of my goal. It's just when it comes to Harry, I loose myself.

"Well, I can't believe your telling me just now. But you right I do owe you, so you two be safe. No funny business right"

I blushed. I don't think we were that far in the relationship for a "benefit" if you know what I mean. "Of course not. Thank you. Remember I came to your house after school and we have this project thing due tomorrow so I'm just going to crash at your place."

'Lexi, calm I got this, not the first time I've lied." Julia hung up with herself laughing.

She honestly scared me sometimes.

With the bitter cold gnawing at the tips of my fingers and toes, I sent my mom a text explaining, and hurried back inside. 

Joining Harry back on the couch, he said. "So I'm genuine and sexy?"

He nibbled on my neck as our laughter filled the air.

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