Follow Your Heart

~What happens when you love someone too much, that at some point you have to let them go?~
Alexis is the type of girl who has had everything. Her future is laid out in front of her. One night she stumble across no one other than Harry Styles. Falling head over heels, both Harry and Alexis will have to overcome many obstacles to make their relationship work.
In the end though, it is all up to that four letter words that can make or break anything- Fate. Will fate be in favor of Alexis and Harry?


5. I Would

School the next day dragged more than expected. By fourth block, all that my mind absorbed from the teachers lectures was the nerds snores from next to me. An hour and thirty five minutes later the bell dismissed school for the day. I slowly made my way to my locker. Bumping and shoving past the bystanders who just talked and laughed at their own conversations. 

Finally I reached my locker and dialed in my combination. I cursed under my breath as papers and miscellaneous things flew out at me. To say that I was a tad bit organized would be an overstatement. 

Dropping my shoulder bag on the floor, I fell to my knees and started picking my mess up. Loads of crap in my hands I stood, jumping when I saw I had a audience.

"God! Jeremy, next time you want to sneak up on me, could you possibly do it a little less ..scary?"

His bashful jockey grin spread on his face. 

It reminded me of all those stupid, useless fights he would bicker about to me! How I, Alexis Groene, ended up with a jockey Junior year, I had not a single answer to it.

He was controlling, obnoxious, rude, and hateful to everyone. And when I ended it with him, it led to threats and constant hate via text message by him.

"Need some help Sweet-Cheeks?" Jeremy's cocky voice rung out.

I snorted and picked up more papers from the floor. "Like you would ever think twice before helping me.." I mumbled.

His vicious laugh echoed through the now deserted halls.

My stomach rolled. Asking me what Jeremy was capable of is like asking a baby what the square root of pie is. 

Getting the last of my mess off the floor, I threw my locker door shut. "Jeremy, if you have something to say to me then say it, because I have a whole lot of better things to do with my life." I spat.

His face reddened. I remembered what he was like when he was furious, and I didn't want to witness that again. I took a cautious step backwards. Jeremy matched my step. Stepping back again, I found myself pinned between his masculine chest and a row of lockers. 

"Oh Lexi," He cooed, "why do you always have to be a sarcastic bitch all the time?" 

Jeremy's breath was hot. He was close. Too close. "I guess that's what I saw in a low life like you, right?"

A lump rose in my throat. Although I could care less about what Jeremy thought about me, his words did hurt. 

There was a long pause, the he came closer forcefully shoving me into the lockers behind me before crashing his lips to mine. 

My breath caught. His tongue searching for an entrance to my mouth, only to be denied by my ground teeth and pierced lips. 

This went on for a long moment until I forced all my fears and anxiety into a mental box, and shoved his huge jock body off of mine. 

"What the hell do you think your doing?!" I yelled.

Jeremy's eyes grew darker as he laughed. "You know you liked it."

"Get the fuck over yourself, you monster!" I threw back.

He looked like a lion about to pounce on its prey, when all of the sudden his hand connected with my left cheek. It took me a moment to realized what had just happened, and by then tears streamed down my face, as my left cheek fevered.

I looked over Jeremy's smiling face, before pivoting on my heal and leaving the school crying.

I rushed down to the student parking lot and found my car. 

The sky was turning grey as the afternoon started to settle. Hurriedly I unlocked my doors and hopped in the front seat, turning the engine on and driving out of the parking lot.

Don't let him get to you.... That's just what he wants..

But it was too late. My chest throbbed as I struggled to catch my breath. Crying had always been the worst for me. 

Looking ahead, I focused on the road through my blurry tear sponged eyes. 

Think positive.. Think Harry..

My hands forced the steering wheel left as I made a U-turn. The Latte Cafe wasn't but 3 minutes away. If anything could calm me down right now, it would have to be the warm caffeine that coffee has. 

Minutes later, as I had expected, I pulled into the small parking lot. I grabbed my wallet and rushed into the cafe.

Me being a regular the employees knew exactly what to get me as soon as I walked in the door.

I took a seat all the way in the back right corner. Hiding my red puffy face from everyone.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think that you are stalking me now." His raspy voice rang from in front of me.

Instantly  I warmed inside. Putting my hand over my face, I peaked through my fingers at him. 

Harry automatically frowned. Sitting down, he broke the silence. "Lex, Are you okay?"

My shoulders slumped as I let in a shaky breath. I shook my head. 

His large warm hand encased mine and pulled them away, so he could look at my face. My red puffy eyes only made the red swollen hand print on my cheek stand out more. 

Harry sucked in a breath, before lightly tracing the sensitive mark.

"Who-Who did this?" He stuttered.

I pulled my hands away from his, and shook my head. 

Harry's hands retracted into tight fists in front of him. "You know you can trust me.." He whispered.

I couldn't help but notice the hurt in his voice. Not looking up at him I responded in a faint voice, "No one." 

His hand smacked the table, making me jump. Dozens of eyes turned to look at us.

That is when I finally looked at him. He looked hurt that I didn't trust him enough to help him. And the fact that he didn't know that stabbed at my heart. Because him out of anyone in the whole entire world, I trusted the most.

But I wasn't not telling him because I didn't trust him; I wasn't telling him because I was protecting him.

Harry's husky hand lifted my chin up to face him. "Lexi, I care about you more than you can know, even though I've only known you for so long. Please, I am begging at this point. Just tell me." 

I surrendered. The way he looked at me only confirmed his light words. 

It was like his hands, eyes and voice were some sort of spell always making me tell the truth. Or just tell him things, period.

"It was some guy. Well my ex to be exact." 

He looked taken aback by my words. Yet I could see the furry in his deep green eyes. 

"It was nothing really."

Harry snorted, and gestured to my face. "That is not nothing."

"Please don't do anything." My voice was weak, and tiny.

Harry's eyes searched my face before responding, "I would do anything for you.. Please know that Lexi, I would." 

And with that Harry stood, walked over to me, planting a light kiss on my forehead, then walking away. 

Like on cue the waitress came and handed my my warm caffeinated coffee that I needed moments earlier. 

On the way home all my mind traced to were the words echoing in my brain. 

I would....

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