Follow Your Heart

~What happens when you love someone too much, that at some point you have to let them go?~
Alexis is the type of girl who has had everything. Her future is laid out in front of her. One night she stumble across no one other than Harry Styles. Falling head over heels, both Harry and Alexis will have to overcome many obstacles to make their relationship work.
In the end though, it is all up to that four letter words that can make or break anything- Fate. Will fate be in favor of Alexis and Harry?


1. Dinner..

"Alexis? Is that you?" Mum said, as i walked in the front door one afternoon.

"Yes." I answered back. Making my way into the kitchen where she was sitting, typing on her computer. As usual she was working. These days she was so wrapped up in her corporation that she sometimes didn't speak to me for days. Today I guess was different.

"How was you day?" Mum asked, getting up and pouring herself another cup of coffee. I don't know how she can drink pure black coffee.. Eww..

"Good. Work?" She smiled, and turned towards me. I took in this moment. Not often do i see her smile, and to be honest, she was beautiful, and graceful.

"Amazing. The project for this HUGE corporation I've been working on, went smoothly." Mum clapped her hands together. "We should celebrate.. It's not everyday that my projects go this smoothly.."

I congratulated her, and went upstairs to my room to change. Mum worked for this multi-million dollar company. She spent every waking hour doing interviews, recruiting people, and working on projects. So needless to say, all my life I have gotten what I wanted. But as easy as my life seemed, it wasn't.

After picking my outfit, a red dress that fit my curves well and black paten heels, I met my mom in her Mercedes.

At the restaurant Mum reserved table for 12 people. Odd, it was just the two of us.

"Lex, I hope you don't mind. I invited some of my co-workers. Try to be on best behavior." Mum spotted her group of co-workers and led them to our table. "This is my lovely daughter, Alexis Grace."

I shook their hands. "I hope she grows to be like her mother. Loyal and dedicated." One man said, and winked at me. After shaking his hand, I politely whipped my hand on my dress. 'What a creep..' I thought.

During dinner, I was totally excluded from their conversations. Sitting there at the edge of the table, I played with my food. My chest was growing tight, if i didn't get fresh air soon, I was bound to explode. "Please excuse me." I said, getting up from my chair. Walking out the front door, I breathed in the crispy cold air. The night was perfect, stars blanketed the dark navy sky.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?" Someone said next to me with a sexy British accent. I jumped. "Woahh! I'm sorry didn't mean to scare you." The guy who stood next to me gave a worried expression. He was definitely the most gorgeous man I had ever seen; he wore a tux and had brown curly locks of hair, and glorious green eyes.

Dumb-founded by his looks, I couldn't find my voice. He put his hand on my shoulder and gently shook it. "Are you okay?" Shivering back into reality, I smiled. "Yes. Perfect. And it is such a wonderful night.." I spoke softly.

"I honestly didn't mean to sneak up on you like that." He smiled, reassuringly.

Blushing, I nodded my head. "I don't think I have introduced myself," he said holding his hand out, "I'm Harry Styles." Taking his hand I introduced myself. "Alexis, Alexis Groene, but you can call me Lexi."

We stood in silence, looking at the breath-taking sky.

"I wish I had someone to share this moment with.." He whispered. I turned and looked at him. His head was still facing the sky, but he looked magnificent. I blushed as he turned and found me staring at him.

"What?" He said, his British accent thick.

I blushed. "It's..It's just, this might sound stupid,but.. I would love to share this moment with you.."

He blushed, and smiled. "That's amazing...I was hoping you would." He moved closer and we stood there for what felt like hours, looking at all the twinkling stars.

I shivered the cold air finally having an affect on me. Then I remembered that my mom and her co-workers were waiting for me at the dining table in the restaurant. "I--I have to go back in, my mom is waiting for me.." I told him politely. He almost looked sad, but then smiled. "It was nice to meet you, Lexi." I blushed then turned to go back in.

"Wait!" He yelled after me. I turned to look at him. "Can I get your number?" His eyes were glowing, and to make it worse, he smiled his million dollar smile.

I nodded. Why not? Taking his phone I enter my name and number into his contacts. "It was nice to meet you Mr. Styles." I smiled as I turned walk back into the restaurant when he stopped me once more.

"Can I get a picture? For Caller ID, of course." he asked nervously. "Sure," I replied blushing. How much will he make me blush tonight? We snapped a quick pic and said our goodbyes.

The remainder of the meal, I reminisced over his looks. His face, his hair, his eyes. They gave him a side I wanted to learn about. A side I wanted to explore.

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