Follow Your Heart

~What happens when you love someone too much, that at some point you have to let them go?~
Alexis is the type of girl who has had everything. Her future is laid out in front of her. One night she stumble across no one other than Harry Styles. Falling head over heels, both Harry and Alexis will have to overcome many obstacles to make their relationship work.
In the end though, it is all up to that four letter words that can make or break anything- Fate. Will fate be in favor of Alexis and Harry?


2. Coffee With a Star

There is a part of me that said Harry wouldn't call. But this small, tiny, nagging voice that still had hope. I mean, why would he ask so desperately for my number?

Two days after that night, I completely gave up. If he really wanted to talk to me, then why hadn't he? I can still remember him though. His lovely curls, his beautiful eyes, not to mention his heart-melting smile. Corny, I know, but it was true.

I snapped out of my "Cloud-9" dreaming when my phone had began to vibrate on my desk. I leaped of my bed to read the Caller ID; it was an unknown number. My heart skipped a beat. Could it be him?

"Y'ello?" I answered hesitantly.

"Lexi?" a thick British accent rang.

"This is she." I answered.

"Great! This is Harry. Remember? We met at La Matte a couple of days ago." I smiled at the memory. How could I ever be able to forget? I blushed again, not knowing what to say. He finally broke the silence.

"Urm, I was actually calling to see if you wanted to get some tea, or coffee maybe? If not then I completely understand..."

I giggled. "Of course I would! Where and when do you want to meet?"

He paused. "Is Latte Cafe alright? In around twenty minutes?" Perfect timing!

"All I need to do is get ready." I told him.

"Take all the time you need, love." I blushed and giggled quietly when he called me 'love'.

"Okay, see you there." I hung up the phone quickly, checked myself in the mirror, and wasn't very pleased. I dabbed on a bit of make up, grabbed my purse, and walked (more like ran) out the door.



It took my about 15 minutes to get to the corner cafe. The streets of London were beautiful in the afternoon, and definitely not as crowded as New York City where we used to live. Just as I crossed the street towards the cafe, I saw Harry leaning against the wall. When he saw me, he got up and gave me hug. Butterflies erupted in my stomach and I felt like I could faint. I could smell his husk cologne tingling my nose as his curls tickled my cheek.

"Hello, love." he smiled.

"Well good afternoon Harry." I smiled back.

He politely opened the door for me and we took a booth by the window facing the street.

"I meant to call you sooner but the boys and I got caught up with recording." he shook his head and looked deep into my eyes, making the butterflies return.

"Recording for what?" I asked.

His eyes went wide as if I had said something weird, or uncalled for.

"You don't know who I am? Harry Styles? From One Direction?"

I shook my head and he sighed.

"I'm sorry Harry."

He chuckled. "Don't be. It's perfectly fine. I guess I'll just sing for you later." he winked and I blushed.

"May I take your party order Mr. Styles?" a perky waitress asked us.

"Yes. Can I get a hot tea? Two lumps please. What would you like, Lexi?" he said smiling at me.

"I'd like the same. Thank you." The waitress filled out our order and left. I noticed Harry was still smiling at me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"What?" he seemed confused.

"You've been smiling at me for a few minutes now." I giggled.

"Well, it's just that this is the first actual date I've been on in awhile. Uh, well... if you would call it a date." he laughed nervously.

"Oh! Of course, I wouldn't of come had it not been."

He was quiet.

"I was joking. I still would've come even if we were just friends." I put my hand on his.

"And I'm grateful for that." he grinned. He was so adorable. I could just sit here and watch him all day. The waitress came and brought us our tea.

"Um... excuse me, Mr. Styles."


"Harry, could you please sign this CD. It would mean the world to me." she said pulling it out of her pocket. I analyzed the cover picture. There was Harry and four other, very attractive boys next to him.

"Sure." he replied as she handed him a sharpie. He was so calm.

"Oh thank you so much!" she thanked him before walking away. I watched her leave then looked back at Harry.

"You were awfully calm." I told him.

"I get that stuff all the time. It's the whole band thing." he said being cocky. We both took a sip of our steaming tea.

Soon the conversation veered to our daily personal lives. He told me about all the boys and their experiences and I told him about my mom's work and all of our travels.

"You aren't moving away anytime soon are you?" he questioned.

"No. We're staying here for awhile." I replied.

"Good. I was hoping I could keep you around for a little awhile." he said taking me by the hand.

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