Love overcomes

Haylie and Niall were 17 year old average lovers. Everything was perfect until Niall and Haylie find out they have a little gift heading their way and the most popular girl in school, Raina, tries to ruin their relasionship. When their parents find out about the little gift and Raina they start arguing and don't want Niall and Haylie together. What will happen? Will they let everything get in the way of there love?


7. What the.....?

(Haylies pov) 3 weeks later.
I woke up and had the strangest feeling like I was going to puke. Wait that wasn't a feeling I was actually going to throw up! I ran to the bathroom and puked in the toilet. What the heck I felt fine just a little pukey. If that's what I was feeling. Maybe it was from the chicken I ate last night. No it couldn't be, I always ate that. I brushed my teeth and put my hair in a ponytail. Wait Niall and I did.... You know. But did we use protection? Oh well I don't know, good thing it was Saturday. I went in my room to put on clothes. A white lace top with faded jeans and white flats. I will take a shower tonight. I put on my top and found it kinda stick out maybe a few centemeters. I ignored it and put on on my jeans. What the hell they were too friken tight!!! I just got these last week. Oh my gosh, am I pregnate?!?!? No I couldn't be! I tiptoed down stairs just invade my mom or dad was asleep. My dad probably wasn't home he was always on buisesness trips. I went outside and hot in my moms car and drove to the nearest drug store.
I was at the drug store and I just got every test. Just to make sure. When I got to check out line the cashiere gave me a weird look so I said " these are for my mom". She just looked at me like whatever. I payed for the tests and went home. I drank a lot of water and peed on the first one. The test said to wait 5 minutes. I kept drinking as much water as I could an speed on the sticks. The first one was ready. It had two pik lines crossing each other. Maybe this one was a faulty one. I tryed the rest of them and all said the same thing!!!! I dropped the tests and ran to my bedroom. I started crying. I was only 16 I wasn't ready for this. I have to tell Niall because e has to be the father he is the o ly one I did it with. But I'm glad it was with him. I Took my phone out of my nightstand and started dialing Nialls number. The phone ringed and ringed and then I heard a sweet voice. " Hello," it was Niall.
"Hey Niall I uhh I have to tell you something." I said my voice shaking
"Ok tell me you know you can tell me anything." He said sweetly.
"Niall I'm.... I'm pregnate," I said in tears. I heard the phone drop and hung up.

(Nialls pov)

I dropped the phone. She is pregnate? How could I be so stupid. This can't be happening we're 16! I can't let her do this alone though as much shock and tearor I was feeling I still had to help her. It's my baby and I love Haylie. I'm glad that of all people I'm having my baby with her. But I do t know if we're ready. I still have to stay by her no matter what.
I called Haylie back "Hello," I could tell she was crying.
"Haylie I love you we will make it through this. And I will stay by your side no matter what. Now j gotta go come over at 6:00 tonight. Ok I love you and I gotta go see you tonight." I hung up and sat I the floor thinking what the hell?
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