Love overcomes

Haylie and Niall were 17 year old average lovers. Everything was perfect until Niall and Haylie find out they have a little gift heading their way and the most popular girl in school, Raina, tries to ruin their relasionship. When their parents find out about the little gift and Raina they start arguing and don't want Niall and Haylie together. What will happen? Will they let everything get in the way of there love?


9. The daddy boyfriend fight

(Haylies p.o.v)

Next thing I know I see my dad stand up and try to grab Niall by the shirt. Niall quickly dodged the hand and moved backward leaving his chair to fall on the floor. "Who the hell do you think you are you little bastard?! Getting my daughter pregnate is worse then pointing a gun at her head and asking her to give you money!"y dad started to yell even more horrible things at Niall while edging closer and closer to him. "George stop leave the boy alone remember us at 17 we were worse! We had a child by then! Leave the boy alone." My mom stood up scolded my dad but he didn't listen just kept Inchon towards Niall. "It doesn't matter Brenda! That was different!" He took a swing at Niall and missed his gut by 4 centimeters. Nialls father got up and placed a hand on my dads shoulder. "I think you should stop George. You have done eno-" he was cut off by my father. "Get out of my house! And take your filthy son with you! I don't ever want h around my daughter again!" He spat. "Daddy stop!" I heralded my self toward Niall while my dads hand was raised in fury about to hit him. He hit me instead. I clasped my hand over my cheek feeling a burn. "What the hell Haylie!? Get out I my way your in a hole world of trouble!" "Babe are you okay?" Niall asked me while I cried in his arms. "Don't call her babe! And get out of my house!" With that Niall kissed me and whispered in my ear "I will be back for you." And hurried out of the door with his parents behind him. Just before his dad exited the house he yelled back at my dad "Maybe your girl is the problem and slammed the door behind him.

(Nialls pov)
What just happened in there? Her dad tried to kill me! What the hell!? "Your never ever having contact with that girl again." My dad said as we sat in the car driving home. "Darling! That won't be nesessary! He is a boy! He is going to turn 18 in 2 months we need to stop treating him like a child! He is going to clean up him mess no matter what!" Mom said calmly to dad. "I don't want him with her because of that limiting father!" "Dad. I love her and I'm happy that I'm having a kid with her. I don't know why I don't realize that when I found out but I'm happy it's not with anyone else." I said quietly. " boy you are a teenager you don't know what you want and what you do want and you don't want this baby." My dad spat in a hard tone. "Yes u do and I'm gonna help her with this." My mom turned around, grabbed my hand, and smiled. I smiled back. "That's he loving son I
Know! But you will be punished for doing that behind our back!" "I know mom." The rest of the car ride was silent.
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