Love overcomes

Haylie and Niall were 17 year old average lovers. Everything was perfect until Niall and Haylie find out they have a little gift heading their way and the most popular girl in school, Raina, tries to ruin their relasionship. When their parents find out about the little gift and Raina they start arguing and don't want Niall and Haylie together. What will happen? Will they let everything get in the way of there love?


10. I'm outta here

(Haylies pov)

I was still clutching my cheek but the burning went away slightly. "You little bitch! You don't deserve to live here you don't deserve for us to take care I you! You don't severe us. You don't deserve anything!" My dad said to me. My eyes were welled With tears. I ran up to my room and locked the door. I collapsed on my bed and started crying. I heard a lot of fighting downstairs and it sounded really bad. It was probably an hour before I heard the pounding of something against my house.I went over to the window to see Niall throwing ticks at my window. "Niall what are you doing? If my dad sees that your here he will kill you!" My voice was shaky. "I don't care I have just come to take you with me. To get you out of here!" Niall said as seriouse as ever. "Niall I don't-" I heard a gun shot coming from downstairs. "What the hell was that?" Niall asked me. A thought struck my mind. What if dad got the gun from the basement and shot mom? I was frozen with fear. Then I heard my dad yell the worst words I have ever heard in my life "And now your dead Brenda! You should have never punched me in the face!" I ran over to my closet and got all the suit cases I could and started shoving ever item of clothing I owned into them. All my clothes were packed. Then I went over to my vanity and grabbed my brush, makeup, and straightener, threw them into a little bag and scrambled to get a few other things. Everything was packed along with my phone and all of my money when I heard the basement door slam. "Niall I will be tight back don't go any where." I ran down the stairs and locked the basement door quietly. I ran back to my room but on the way I saw mom dead on the floor covered in her own blood. I picked up the home phone and dialed the police. "Please state your emergency." The operator said. I heated gun shots at my house. I think my dad shot my mom. I already left my house after I locked my dad int the basement. My address is 3451 mocking bird lane." I said with a shaky voice. "Alright we are on our way." I hung up the phone grabbed my stuff from my room and ran out side. Niall was stnding there looking confused as ever. "I can't stay here my dad shot my mom can I come stay with you please." I was crying. "Good thing my mom told me my punishment was I can't live with them anymore. She gave me money to find a place and my stuff is in the truck. So uh guess were on our own now aren't we?" Niall said. "Niall where are we gonna stay? I'm scared." I barely got out. "Come on let's get out of here first and figure it out." Niall looked like he was worried. We both got in the truck and started driving away.
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