Love overcomes

Haylie and Niall were 17 year old average lovers. Everything was perfect until Niall and Haylie find out they have a little gift heading their way and the most popular girl in school, Raina, tries to ruin their relasionship. When their parents find out about the little gift and Raina they start arguing and don't want Niall and Haylie together. What will happen? Will they let everything get in the way of there love?


1. Introduction to Haylie

Hi my name is Haylie Thompson! I have beach blonde hair with an under layer of dark brown. I have blue green eyes an I'm 5 foot 6 inches. I have the best life ever! An amazing boyfriend who is Niall Horan, a perfect family consisting of my mom,dad, older sister, and older brother. Next week is the start of my junior year at Medow High! There is just one thing I am dreading about starting school and that is Raina Leckron. She has been trying to forever ruin my life. She hates my guts and she has a crush on my Niall! I swear if she ever comes close to me or Niall she will get what's coming to her!! Uggghhh!!! But let's get off that subject and on to a happier one! I have 7 best friends and an amazing boyfriend Perri, Zayn, Elenor, Louis, Harry, Liam, and my best friend since I was 3 years old Chloe. We all hang out as often as possible. My boyfriend Niall and I are inseparable! I always love to stare in o those blue eyes. They are just like crystals in ocean blue water! We have a really seriouse relasionship and we might take it to he next level. With protection of course! We're only 17 so we don't exactly need any extra feet running around here! I'm really ready for this year to come and this perfect year! I'm so excited!

**(I'm really sorry this chapter is so short this is the first time I have done something like this I hope you like this!!!!!~G.A.C.)
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