is this love?

Gennifer Collins was always that tough girl in school, but that all changes when her mom dies and she need to live with her abusive father in London. She doesnt like the idea at all beacause she fears her father, but she finds the one person can talk to and gets very close with him. The only thing is, that is when her whole world is turned upside down. what will happen when Harry Styles asks her out? Or when she finds out that her father is out to get him?


1. Went so fast

Gennifers POV:

"hey Genn, can i get help down her"my mom cried. I dropped my magazine and went downstairs to go help my mom with whatever she was doing.i found my mom trying to move the furniture around.

"mom what are you doing?"i asked walking my way to her.

"i didnt like how the furniture was arranged, so i want to move it around"

"uhh okay whatever...why dont you just go upstairs and lay down okay"i said pointing my finger to the staircase. i was moving around the furniture when i heard a something fall on the ground.i went upstairs to figure out what the hell was going on."MOM"i shouted hoping for an answer but when i didnt, i ran as fast as i could to her room."MOM" i said finally reaching her room. I tried to open the door, but it was closed. I got really scared and kicked the door down. when i made my way inside, i found my mom on the ground. it looked like she was drowning in her own blood. I was so scared and hurt i couldnt even move, all i could do is stand there and stare. I finally came back to reality and grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialed 911. it was really hard even though it was only 3 digits. My hands were so shacky, but i managed to dial the numbers. when a person started to talk i broke down in tears. I just couldnt even believe shes gone and it happened so fast. i stopped crying and got myself together and told them what they needed to know. 10 minutes past and the cops came with the ambulance. They started asking me all types of questions but the truth was i had no answers. i felt the room spinning and i felt like i was going to faint but i stayed put. All types of questions were in my head, but one thing really stood out. I had to go live with my abusive-drug addictive-alcoholic father.

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