is this love?

Gennifer Collins was always that tough girl in school, but that all changes when her mom dies and she need to live with her abusive father in London. She doesnt like the idea at all beacause she fears her father, but she finds the one person can talk to and gets very close with him. The only thing is, that is when her whole world is turned upside down. what will happen when Harry Styles asks her out? Or when she finds out that her father is out to get him?


2. the beggining of something new

Gennifers POV:

That day came.The day i have to the airport to go to London. I was having mixed emotions. i was mad, scared,sad and i felt like i just wasnt strong enough. i wanted to sink into my knees and cry until i had no more tears. i packed all of my stuff and some of my moms stuff. when i was done, i went all around the rememembering all the good times I've had in this house. I finally came to this one picture that made me tear up.


"daddy, daddy can i open my presents now", i said in my little girl voice. it was my 8 birthday and i was so excited!

"sure honey, but open mine first. This present came from my heart",my father said giving me a box that was possibly bigger than me. I teared the glittery purple wrapping paper to shreds. when i saw my present i was extremely happy. It was a karaoke machine. I was quite the singer. I ran to my father and gave him a big hug. All i thought was that this was the best birthday ever.

** End of Flashback**

i cried at the thougtht that that was the last birthday he cared. Shit if i was lucky enough, he would of been there for my other birthdays. My thoughts ended when i heard the honk of the cab driver right outside the door. I quickly packed everything and went outside. i locked the door to the front door and got inside the cab. As he drove away, i watched as the house got smaller and smaller, all the memories just flooding my mind giving me the ultimate headache.

When i fianlly got to the airport i went throught secruity and all that other stuff. After that i went to the waiting area where of course i wait for my flight to arrive. I wanted the time to fly by but of course it was so slow. I decided to put in my headphones and listen to music and my favorite song came on. i started to sing soo loud that i didnt even realize people were crowding me. When i stopped singing they all clapped for joy..'wow i guess i am good' i thought to myself.

"Flight 9 for boarding" the lady on the loudspeaker said. That was my flight, so i got up and went on the airplane. "well goodbye my life" i whispered to myself. I got comfy on the chair and drifted into a deep sleep.

**9 hours later**

i got up and was ready to get off the plane and grab my stuff. I knew i had to go with my father so i took my time. As soon as i was done i went to the area where people get picked up and the first person i saw was him.My father, he looked....different. just because he looked different doesnt mean i trust him though, i mean c'mon.... he raised his hand at me when i was only 9 years old and was always drunk. why should i trust him? As soon as i got to him he reached out his arms asking for a hug, but i just rolled my eyes and walked away to the exit of the airport.

"what, not hi" he said playfully shoving me, but what did i do...nothing. Even though i wanted to punch him in his face for touching me, i kept my distance and kept walking. He walked me to a nice car and we both got in.

"so, what are we going to do today?" he asked.

"well, IM gonna go around and get to know this place a little better. Oh and you, well i could careless what the fuck your gonna do"

"wow, just like your mother....Bitchy"

"DONT you DARE talk about my mother like know what you dont deserve to be called a father or a husband because you suck at both. you know what just drive beacuse your not worth it. Your a stupid peice of shit and you always have been. just drive." i said trying to keep calm. I hated the fact that i have to live with him.

when we got infront of the house he open the door and let me go inside. I put everything on the floor and grabbed the extra set of keys. As soon as i was about to leave, my father came up behind me.

"where do you think your going?" he asked crossing his arms.

"Tuh, why do you care"

"because you are my daughter and i care about you"

"yea you didnt say that when you left me when i was 10 years old." i said and like that he left the room into another. i went outside in the cold and looked up places to eat. Theres something called 'Nandos' and its actually not so far from here, so i decided to walk to it. Right when i saw it i reached out for the handle when someones hand got in the way. He had perfect green eyes that would mesmorize you and chocolate brown curls.

"uh hi". i said staring at his perfect face and still wondering what was a good thing to say.

"hi love"

"my names....Gennifer. your name?"



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