is this love?

Gennifer Collins was always that tough girl in school, but that all changes when her mom dies and she need to live with her abusive father in London. She doesnt like the idea at all beacause she fears her father, but she finds the one person can talk to and gets very close with him. The only thing is, that is when her whole world is turned upside down. what will happen when Harry Styles asks her out? Or when she finds out that her father is out to get him?


3. Anything could happen

Harrys POV:

i stared into her nice crystal blue eyes. This girl....she was perfect. Her long dirty blond hair reached right above her bum with her bangs back, she had nice curves, and she just looked stunning, but the good thing was, she didnt know who i was. i could actually probably date her and know she loves me for me-but first i need to get to know her.

Gennifers POV:

There was a overwhealing silence and it was so could i could hardly feel my finger tips wow great job on bringing a jacket and only wearing a damn sweater i thought.

Harry soon broke the uncompfortable silence and held the door open for me."After you", he said showing off his dimples. As soon as i got inside I went toward the line and stood there waiting patienctly and from the corner of my eye i caught Harry staring at me from the other line across from me. I was blushing so hard i think i turned into a cherry."NEXT" the girl from the cashier said.

"hi, what would you like today"she said.

"uhmm, how about a chicken sandwich and some fries."

"okay that will be 6.51" she said. I dug into my pocket and realized that i hadnt asked my father for any money. way to go Genn.she thought."uhm im sorry I have t-" "here you go."Harry said interupting me and giving the girl money.

"wow Harry thanks."I said but he just stood there smiling. This boy right here, he is PERFECT.

The girl handed me my food and headed toward my seat. I was just about to eat when i heard a girl scream."OMG......Harry Styles. CAN I HAVE A PICTURE WITH YOU." and like that, a whole mob of girls all over him. But he was acting as if this was an everyday thing. Who is he?

Harrys POV:

Of couse. Of course all of these girls come at the wrong time. DAMN.  I look over at Gennifer and shes starring at all the girls around me. Okay Harry think of what to say, think. he thought but nothing other than to tell her the truth.

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