Chapter 4: Madison


1. Madison

The alarm went off and the popular song Good time blasted in Madison's ears causing her to clumsily tumble off her bed banging her head against the floor making a big thud. She was still wrapped around her polka dotted blanket which she'd had since before she could even speak. She checked the time. It read 6:30 am. ''Oh god! I only have thirty minutes till school starts and its the first day!'' she thought panicking. She raced around her pink, green and purple themed room confused of what to do first. ''Right'' she mumbled to herself as she pulled out her drawers to her wardrobe and picked out a neon pink tank top, a black sequined shall to go with it and her favorite frilly zebra skirt. She flung her pj's off  her body and threw her clothes on. She grabbed a couple of her many colorful bangles resting on her bracelet display hand she had on her desk, brushed her teeth fiercely, didn't even bother washing out the toothpaste in her mouth and took her fake Dolce and Gabbana bag by her bed and raced down the staircase. ''Mom!'' she screamed while grabbing an apple from the dining room table. ''Coming!'' she replied. Ben and Cole, Madison's two younger brothers stood by the front door all ready and packed for school waiting impatiently for their mom to come down. ''So are you guys excited about your first day of school?'' She asked, in a sarcastic motherly voice. They both rolled there eyes and nodded but she could tell they were overjoyed to be starting in 3rd Grade, feeling grown up and all. She grinned and replied ''Thought so.'' This made her think about starting her new grade, after being here for three years she had made many friends. But she was still desperately looking for that one special person she could call her best friend. She hoped maybe she could find someone like that this year. The sound of car keys rattling in her mothers hands as she walked down the stairs and opened the door disturbed her thoughts and they all headed for the big black Volvo parked in the garage. In the car, Madison opened her purse and took out her orange makeup bag with flower prints on them and her tiny mirror. Her eyes looked tired, eyeliner was smeared underneath both of them which gave her a little chiche look. Her glorious fiery messy red curls were pushed behind her ears. Each strand was so curly, it was like a bunch of springs. Her skin looked almost fluorescent in the sunlight and her lips were a natural rosy red, like they always were. She applied some mascara to her thick eyelashes and put a little chap stick on. She heard it was going to be a cold morning, luckily she had put her furry dark green coat on and snuggled it closely to her skin trying to create heat in the icy car. She stared out of her window, lost in her thoughts. Thinking about summer. She went back to her hometown, Seattle to visit her family and her old friends. It was strange going back, so much had happened since didn't even feel like home any longer. Sure it was great to see the family, and she enjoyed playing board games till 2:am in the morning with her brothers and cousins but something didn't feel right. She felt homesick. It was a relief to come back to Cherry Hills Village, she loved this town. This year she wanted to find a best friend. But also, she wanted to find a boyfriend. The rest of the ride to school, she kept thinking of the perfect guy. And she kept hoping that maybe she would find him...this year she wanted things to be different, she felt the need for a change. 

Her mom pulled up in front of the same old Cherry Hills High school she had been attending since she first moved here and blew her a kiss. ''Have a good first day at school, honey!'' She shouted through the slightly opened car window. Madison just waved back to her mom embarrassed, hoping nobody heard that. Just as she was about to turn and walk up the same old steps to the same old school entrance, something caught her eye. There, in the middle of the parking lot, looking damn fine in his tight t-shirt revealing his muscles and six pack underneath, his hair blowing in the wind, his skateboard making him look utterly cool and mysterious. ''Now that's the kind of man for me.'' she thought. He just skated by her as if she were invisible and walked up the steps into the school building. From that moment on she knew she wanted him and she was determined to make him, hers. 

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