Dream Come True

This is a fan fiction book about how life would be like if you we're dating or married One Direction. I do take requests!


1. Dream Come True: Harry

Imagine you and Harry are on your honeymoon in Hawaii. You are both watching the sunset. Harry: This is such a beautiful sunset, but not as beautiful as you. You blush. You: Thanks! Harry: Anything for my angel. Harry pick you up in his arms and kisses you. He carries you around and finally puts you down as he passionately hugs you. Harry: "Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell... You smile because you love hearing Harry sing because you know that means he is really happy. Harry: You don't know, oh oh, you don't know your beautiful. You: You are so sweet! I'm so happy I met you!

The next morning... You hear singing coming from the kitchen. You also smell pancakes, your favorite thing to eat for breakfast. You walk down the stairs quietly. You see Harry making you breakfast. Harry sees you. Harry: Well hello sweetie! You: Honey, you didn't have to make me breakfast! Harry: Its just that I love you so much... Harry: I'm taking you somewhere special after breakfast! You: Where?! Harry: I can't say! It's a surprise! You: Can you give me a hint! Harry: Ok, sure. Well, it's a place... And we are going there! You: Harry! (you say his name playfully and then hit him playfully as well) . Harry and you both laugh and enjoy breakfast.

After breakfast... Harry opens the car door for you, like any other gentleman would and you get in. Harry: Are you ready? You: Yes, and I'm really very excited! It is about 15 minutes before Harry tells you that we are here. It is around lunchtime. You see a meadow and hear the sounds of birds chirping. Harry: The surprise is that we are having a lovely picnic here! I call it... "Harry and Y/N's Love Land" You giggle. You are so happy and Harry kisses you passionately as you enjoy your lovely picnic
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