Certified Directioners (Dreams Do Come True)

**this story uses mine and my friends names and i wrote it for them**
Cara and Her friends are having a One Direction sleepover at her house and in the middle of the night someone knocks on her door and it's the one and only One Direction but who will fall for who? will Cara and her friends really fall for their favourites?


7. The Mall Part 2


**Jami's POV**  

Zayn and I went our separate ways. We went into Claire's.  

Zayn: Hey Jami can i tell you something?  

Jami: Yeah, of course  

Zayn: I like you a lot and by a lot I mean since the day I met you, I have felt so happy and I know we just met but i feel like i have known you forever and i like that feeling a lot.  

Jami: I feel the same way but what about Perrie?  

Zayn: I broke up with her because i just didn't feel a spark anymore like i do with when i'm with you. Oh and there is one more thing....Can we promise each other that no matter what happens we will never forget each other?  

Jami: Aw....Alright let's go get promise rings to make it legit.        

  We went and got some promise rings.  

Zayn: I, Zayn, promise to never ever forget no matter what happens.  

Jami: I, Jami, promise to never ever forget you no matter what happens and to always be a fan.  

Zayn: So Jami... Will you go on a date with me?  

Jami: I would love too.      

We got a text from Cara telling us to meet at Build-A-Bear.

**Harry's POV**      

Heather and I were having a lot of fun. We ran around the mall being stupid. We got a text from Cara telling us to meet at Build-A-Bear.  

**Niall's POV**      

Me and the others were having a lot of fun riding the elevator and making people feel awkward and going up the down escalator until we got a text from Cara telling us to meet at Build-A-Bear.

  **Liam's POV**    

I was in Build-A-Bear trying to figure out what bear i was going to get , then i saw a panda bear and i remembered Cara telling me that was her favorite animal. Wanna know a little secret? I'm actually getting Cara a bear! Anyways I did what I was supposed to do. I dressed the bear in a One Direction Shirt and some converses. I really hope she likes it because i put an important saying in it.  

**Cara's POV**    

Liam finally came out but he wouldn't show us what he got.  

Niall and Louis: I'm Hungry!  

Liam: Where shall we eat?  

Cara: They have a food court if you guys wanna eat here?  

Niall: Do you guys have a Nando's? (Sorry guys i had to put in here)  

Cara: Nope but i wish we did! How about Five Guys?      

We all agreed on Five Guys. We left the mall in a hurry because i think people were starting to figure out that One Direction was here. We arrived to Five Guys. We sat down and ate.  

(Nothing special happened at Five Guys)    

We finally got back to my house. Makayla texted me telling me she had to leave and she told me she got Justin Bieber's number from Niall and they haven't stopped texting since. Anyways it was around 5 p.m. I got on Twitter and saw a picture of us at the mall. Oh great!   

Cara: LIAM!!!   Liam: Yes Love?  

Cara: They know you are here.  

Liam: Yeah Paul called us and told us. Be ready for dinner in about 45.  

Cara: Alright awesome. what about everbody else in the room? (See what i did there)  

Liam: Jami and Zayn are also going out to eat and everybody else is having a movie night.  

Cara: Okay. Well let me get ready please.      

Liam just stood there smirking.  

Cara: Haha you know you have to leave the room so i can get ready.  

Liam: Yeah i know but can i help? *Wink*  

Cara: No but you can stay in here and face the other way.      

Liam turned around and i started to change. I was about to put on my shirt when i felt strong arms around my waist. I truned around to face Liam and all i had on was my skirt and a bra. Liam looked at me and bit his lip.  

Liam: You know you are beautiful right?  

Cara: No not really.  

Liam: Well you are. I need to tell you something.  

Cara: Aw. ok what is it?  

Liam: So I know i told you i liked you but i don't think i do....I think no wait I know I love you and i know it seems too soon because we just met like 2 days ago and we both just got out of serious relationships but I really do love you.    

Cara: Aw Liam. I feel the same way. I love you too.       

I finished getting ready. I can't believe what Liam just told me. Liam came and told me it was time to leave. so we went outside and a limo was waiting for us.  

Cara: Aww. You didn't have to this.  

Liam: Yeah i did i wanted to make our first date very memorable.     

I hugged him then we left for dinner.  

**Liam's POV**  

She looks so amazing. I can't wait for her to see what i got her. we finally arrived at the restraunt.

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