Certified Directioners (Dreams Do Come True)

**this story uses mine and my friends names and i wrote it for them**
Cara and Her friends are having a One Direction sleepover at her house and in the middle of the night someone knocks on her door and it's the one and only One Direction but who will fall for who? will Cara and her friends really fall for their favourites?


6. The Mall Part 1

**Cara's POV**

   Me and Liam went separate ways from everybody.  I remembered that Victoria's Secret had underwear that said "UP ALL NIGHT" on them, so I grabbed Liam's hand and we ran to Victoria's Secret.

Liam: Uh Cara why are we at Victoria's Secret?

Cara: you will see!

 We walked  in and walked over to the underwear. I saw them and they had different kinds of colors and lace around the edges. I picked them up and showed him them.

Cara: This is why we are here!

Liam: Those are sexayyy! *Wink*

 I decided to tease him and make him think I was gonna try on some lingerie, so I grabbed his hand and lead him to the lingerie. Liam's face brightened up with excitement and I giggled. We left Victoria's Secret and went to Forever 21. I saw a dress that I really really liked, it was short in the front and long in the back, it faded from a light purple to a dark purple. I went and tried it on, I came out of the dressing room and Liam's mouth was touching the floor.

Cara: Take a picture it will last longer! *giggling*

 Of course when I said that Liam laughed and took out his phone and took a picture which made me Laugh.

**Liam's POV**   

     Victoria's Secret was interesting but when she went to lingerie I got kind of excited hoping she would get something but she didn't. Anyways we went to Forever 21 and she tried on a dress and when she came out to show me, I froze and stared at her, she was so damn beautiful.

Cara: Take a picture it will last longer! *Giggling*

 I started laughing and took out my phone and took a picture, she was laughing. I think I'm falling for her and I need to know if she feels the same before I fall harder for her.

**Cara's POV**

      In Victoria's Secret, Liam got excited when I walked to the lingerie, he couldn't stop staring when i tried on the dress. Liam is just so cute and funny but I don't think he likes me, I mean I'm not skinny and i don't have the clearest skin. That is probably why I attract desperate mofo's. I put the dress back because it was way too much. I remembered the store Delia's so we went there and showed Liam the store directioners went crazy in but I noticed something was bothering him.

Cara: What's wrong?

Liam: Have you ever met someone and when you met them you feel happy and like you have known them forever?

Cara: Yeah why?

Liam: Can I ask you something?

Cara: Of course

Liam: Would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?

Cara: Yes. I would Love to!

Liam:Awesome! Let's got to Build-A-Bear so i can get my mom something.

   We went to Build-A-Bear and I  texted everybody to come to Build-A-Bear. I sat down outside while Liam went in. Everybody got there and we  all waited on Liam. I saw something shining out the corner of my eye, I turned to see and saw a ring on Jami's hand and Zayn's hand. I'm not sure what the rings were for but I shrugged it off. Liam finally came out of Build-A-Bear.


Hey Loves! I'm going to update again in a little bit, I'm going to take a break right now but more updates coming!:D well Bye Loves!

                                                   -Care Bear(: xx

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