Certified Directioners (Dreams Do Come True)

**this story uses mine and my friends names and i wrote it for them**
Cara and Her friends are having a One Direction sleepover at her house and in the middle of the night someone knocks on her door and it's the one and only One Direction but who will fall for who? will Cara and her friends really fall for their favourites?


2. Stars and Heart breaks


A/N sorry guys I know I haven't updated in awhile I have been busy with education and let's just say my grades are not that great so I’m going to try and update on Fridays or Saturdays!(: -Care Bear(: xx (don’t forget to check out my other fan fiction)          

We walk in the living room and sit down.    

“So what brings you here?” I said trying to break the awkward silence.  

“Well….we were on our way to North Carolina and somehow endued up in South Carolina and our bus broke down so paul told us to find a place to stay for awhile and we did what we were told and found your house.” Liam explained.  

“And we were wondering if we could stay here till our bus gets fixed?” Niall added.  

“Of course yall can! I bet yall are glad you found a house with directioners right?" I said winking.  

“Actually yeah we are, so what were doing staying up this late?” Harry asked.  

“Well we have been you know fangirling over you guys and going to watch the stars.” I said blushing.  

“ha-ha well watching the stars sounds fun right now so how about we go and watch them?" Zayn said eyeing Jami.  

“okie dokie!” Jami said not taking her eyes of Zayn.      

So we went and laid blankets out and laid down on them.   From left to right: Zayn Jami Kelsey Makayla Ki Louis Harry Katelynn Heather Jordan Me (Cara) Liam and Niall     

We laid there for awhile and saw a few shooting stars. We were all pretty tired. I looked over and Zayn and Jami fell asleep and Jami’s head was on his chest and everybody else were just all over the place asleep except me and Liam. He looked upset. I looked at him and he noticed. I was about to say something then he interrupted me. 

“So I’m guessing im your favorite?” He said smiling.  

yeah.” I said blushing.  

“Well I think that is cute.” he said smiling   

“Really?” I said blushing even more this time.  

“Yep. So I’m guessing you guys talked about me and Danielle?” He said kind of sad.  

“yeah we cant believe it and I’m not gonna a lie I kind of cried when I found out.” I said shyly.  

yeah I can’t either. I never knew how much directioners care about our relationships!” he said.  

“yeah well I just hopped on the single train tonight because my boyfriend didn’t realize who he sent the text too and it said hey baby I was wondering if you wanted to hang out cara is having a stupid one direction party!” I said as tears came streaming down my face.  

“It will be ok love, from what I can tell he is a jerk and he doesn’t deserve you.” he said hugging me.  

“thanks daddy direction.” I said laughing.  

“Welcome, so what are you guys inside things for me?” he said Laughing.

“well for you we call you Li Li, daddy direction, and leeyum, like yummy, and I believe that’s it.” I said smiling.  

“haha that’s cute.” he said winking.  

“haha I -” he interrupted me by putting his arm around me and I started blushing like an idiot. We looked at each other and he was smiling like he didn’t do anything.  

“why are you blushing?” he asked winking.  

“Oh idk but all I know is I’m fangirling on the inside!” I said laughing.  

“haha I kind of have that affect on girls!” he said laughing.  

“I’m aware! Oh and I just thought of  another inside thing with you and its Liam is gonna make mess upon my innocence!” I said winking.    

We just started laughing and then we looked at each other and he was about to tell me something then all of a sudden he did something……..

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