Certified Directioners (Dreams Do Come True)

**this story uses mine and my friends names and i wrote it for them**
Cara and Her friends are having a One Direction sleepover at her house and in the middle of the night someone knocks on her door and it's the one and only One Direction but who will fall for who? will Cara and her friends really fall for their favourites?


1. Partayyy Time!

**Cara's POV**

     Tonight was the night that my friends were coming over and spending the night and we are gonna fangirl till we see the sun. (No pun intended)


            Around 6pm my friends started to arrive. The first of my friends to show up was Katelynn,  she likes Harry so when she got there she was wearing some white converses, a white v-neck T-shirt and some skinny jeans. After Katelynn showed up, my friend Ki (yes that is her real name, she is part Korean) she likes Louis and she was wearing a stripe shirt, red shorts, and white toms. Heather and MaKayla showed up, Heather was wearing the same thing as Katelynn because they both like Harry but that wasn't a problem. MaKayla liked Niall so she was wearing a red polo, khakis and some converses. Jordan showed up shortly after and was wearing a blazer, a bow tie with some khakis, she also liked Harry but that isn't a problem either. Jami and Kelsey showed up, Jami likes Zayn So she had her hair straight with a bump and she was wearing a varsity jacket and Kelsey likes  Niall so she was wearing what the old Nialler wore which was a sweater and some khakis. I like Liam so i was wearing a plaid button up shirt.

      So everybody was at my house and things were awkward at first but then every body loosened up and we ate like Niall and we fangirled for hours and didn't realize what time it was but when we did it was 2am  and we started to get tired and then i got an idea!

  "Let's play Truth or Dare!" I shouted.

"Or we can watch the stars!" Heather said excitedly.

   We all agreed to go watch the stars. So they went to go get  blankets while I went to go check my phone and saw a text from my boyfriend and when i read it my heart dropped and fell to the floor crying. My friends came running in asking what happened  and i handed them my phone and they read the text out loud.

"Hey Baby I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight because Cara is having a stupid One Direction party!" They all Said in unison when they read the text.

   They helped me off the floor and took me to my bed and then we all heard a knock at the door and looked at each other with fear in our eyes. I got up thinking it was just my neighbor telling us to turn down the music but when i got to the window and saw something that i thought i would only see in my dreams. I called all my friends to the door quietly and they looked at the window and we were all in complete shock. I hesitated to open the door but i finally did trying to keep calm. We all gathered around the door and stared at these 5 gorgeous guys that we thought we would never meet.

"Hello?" They all said waving their hand in our faces and then they started giggling.

  We finally came back to earth and realized we were still in our outfits. Suddenly i had the urge to start hugging them and when i did they just started laughing.

"OH MY GOD!" We all yelled at the same time.

"Hello Loves!" Louis said laughing.

"Are you guys Directioners?" Liam asked laughing.

"Yeah bruhh!" I said giggling because i can't believe i just said that.

"Well would you guys like to come inside?" I asked.

"Well....basically......yeah." Harry said.

     We walked inside to the living room and they took a seat on the couch. They started giggling because i called a Directioner meeting. We walked back into the living room and take a seat on foot stools and there was a very long awkward silence.


*****2nd chapter up tomorrow*****

I hope you guys liked it there shall be more in the next few days! I have another Fan fiction called My One And Only: Best Friend And Lover. please check it out and please give feedback to both because these are my first fan-fictions and i need some ideas from you guys so it doesn't get boring and whether i should continue both of them and if yall have any fan fictions that you want me to read leave comments of what they are called. again please check out my other fan fiction and leave ideas and stuff like that!(: Thanks(:

                                                        Love, Care Bear(: xx

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