Certified Directioners (Dreams Do Come True)

**this story uses mine and my friends names and i wrote it for them**
Cara and Her friends are having a One Direction sleepover at her house and in the middle of the night someone knocks on her door and it's the one and only One Direction but who will fall for who? will Cara and her friends really fall for their favourites?


8. Official and Tour


**Cara's POV**

Cara: So Liam, about earlier. Everything you told me, did you mean it?  

Liam: Yes everyword.

          Our food arrived and dinner was going great. A few fans came and I knew them. I knew school was going to be different when we sent back.

Liam: I got you something.  

Cara: You shouldn't have.

Liam: But I did and I hope you like it.


      Liam reached under the table and pulled out a stuffed Panda Bear dressed in One Direction clothes.  

Cara: I love it! 

Liam: Oh it gets better! Press the tummy.

      I pressed the tummy and Last First Kiss started playing.  

Cara: Aww that's so cute!  

Liam: And there is one more thing! Press the paw.

    I pressed the hand.  

Panda Bear: Cara, I love you with all my heart. Will you be my girlfriend?

     I looked at Liam and he had the biggest smile.  

Cara: Liam, I love you too and I would be happy to be your girlfriend.      

       We paid and left. We got into the limo and Liam intertwined his fingers with mine, I looked at him and his soft, gentle lips touched mine and fireworks exploded. Our lips fit perfectly together. We pulled away and stared into each others eyes.  

Liam: WOW, That was amazing.  

Cara: Yeah it was.      

        Liam's phone started to ring.  

Liam: Hello *pause* OK *pause* I understand *pause* but can they? *pause* alright thanks Uncle Si! *pause* Bye.

     Liam had a sad look in his eyes when he got off the phone.  

Cara: What's wrong?  

Liam: The bus is fixed and we are leaving tomorrow.   

Cara: Oh...  

Liam: But I asked Simon earlier is we could bring you guys with us and he said yes! Oh and he has already called all of your parents and they said yes!  

Cara: Yay! This is gonna be fun! You do realize there is like 13 of us, right?  

Liam: Yeah so the bus is gonna be packed and we are gonna have to share beds.  

Cara: OOOO La La       

    This is gonna be great! I'm so excited!  

**Liam's POV**      

          This tour is going to be amazing! My girlfriend is gonna be there. We got back to her place and everybody was asleep so Cara and I sneaked upstairs.  

Cara: I think I'm going to take a shower.  

Liam: Ok babe.  

Cara: Don't try anything.

     She went and got in the shower. She locked the door, so if I did try anything but I knew where the key was to unlock it because everybody knows they hide the key to bedroom/bathroom door up on the frame of the door. I got the key down and slowly unlocked the door.  

**Cara's POV**

     I knew Liam was gonna try and do something so I just made a bubble bath instead. I heard Liam unlock the door and come in.  

Cara: Hey babe.  

Liam: Hey I thought you were in the shower.  

Cara: Nope I decided to take a bubble bath instead.  

Liam: Awesome! Can I join?  

Cara: Sure.

      Liam got undressed and I tried not to stare but that was really hard! His abs and the Payne, wow was he sexy. Anyways Liam got in, we talked and enjoyed each others company.

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