Certified Directioners (Dreams Do Come True)

**this story uses mine and my friends names and i wrote it for them**
Cara and Her friends are having a One Direction sleepover at her house and in the middle of the night someone knocks on her door and it's the one and only One Direction but who will fall for who? will Cara and her friends really fall for their favourites?


4. Getting to know each other


**Harry’s POV**    

   We were all in the living room while Cara and Liam were making breakfast. I couldn’t help but notice someone staring at me from the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw Heather , she looked away and blushed, she was cute and seemed cool but  I wanted to know more about her. My train of thought got interrupted by someone yelling from the kitchen and then we heard Liam yell “HERE COMES THE PAYNE!” haha oh wow Liam! We all started laughing.  

“So Harry you want to do something to pass the time?” Heather asked me.    “Sure!” I said.  

“Okay well follow me.” She said leaping up motioning to the door.         

    So I got up and followed her outside. We walked into the woods and after walking for about five minutes we reached an old clubhouse.  

“This is where me and Cara come to get away from reality and imagine hanging out with you and Liam.” She said shyly letting a tear fall from her eye.  

“Why are you crying?” I asked going to comfort her.  

“Because it seems like just yesterday me and Cara were out here and we were just some fans the hoped to meet you guys and knew it wasn’t gong to happen and now here you guys are and it’s too good to be true.” She said through tears and a smile on her face.  

“So what did you imagine?” I asked curiously.  

“Okay so you are gonna think I’m crazy when I tell you but anyways I’ve always imagined us falling in love and you being my first.” She said shyly.  

“Ohh.” that was all I could say.  

“See told you! But that isn’t all I imagined, when me and Cara would be shopping or something we would imagine hanging out with you guys in the mall, running around and being crazy then you would pick me up bridal style and we just stare into each others eyes and kiss.” she said shyly blushing.  

**Heather’s POV** (She likes Harry obviously^^)    

   I cannot believe I just told him that, he probably think I’m weird and creepy.  

“You probably think I’m weird and creepy. Don’t you?” I asked sadly.  

“Actually no I don’t. I find it quite cute.” He said smiling.  

“Okay good! I thought I scared you away.” I said blushing.

“Nahh you didn’t. Lets get to know each other” He said scooting closer to me.  

**Makayla’s POV** (She likes Niall)    

I noticed that Heather and Harry were not in the living room anymore. We all heard Cara say breakfast was ready.  

“Where did Heather and Harry go?” I asked curiously.  

“Him and Heather went on a walk.” Louis said smirking.   

“I know where they took a walk to!” Cara said walking out of the kitchen.   

“Where?” we all said in unison.  

“Mine and Heather’s clubhouse, it’s where we would go to escape reality and dream of the impossible things. Well except one thing we thought was the most impossible became possible.” Cara said smiling.  

“Well what was that one thing?” Liam asked curiously.  

“That somehow we would meet you guys and other things.” Cara said winking at Liam and Liam blushed.        

 Heather and Harry finally walked in laughing. We all stared at them smiling well except for Cara and Liam, I think Cara took Liam in the kitchen to tell him the other things.      

***Author’s Note***

Hey loves! So I need ideas like if u want something more with Cara and Liam , Heather and Harry and/or another relationship starting. As of right now I’m sticking with Cara and Liam’s and Heather and Harry’s even though they aren’t dating because as of right now I don’t have any ideas of how any other relationships will start so if you could DM me on my twitter @carabugs97 with any ideas that would be awesome!(: Well talk to u later Loves!(:                                                                 -Care Bear(: xx

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