He's my Neighbor

Jordan had just moved into her new house with her mom, sister, stepdad, and step-brother. Jordan had a giant crush on Niall Horan and loved every member of One Direction, she never thought she would meet her dream crush until she moved into her step-dads house.


2. Niall

Jordan's -pov-


Oh my god.  a cute blonde Irish fellow came up to me and said "hello love the names Niall may I ask for your name"?  "my my my name is" i replied sounding like an idiot.  "her name is Jordan" Tim told Niall.  "she is my step-sister and a huge fan of One Direction"  I smiled and said "what he said" I don't remember much then because i had fainted. 


Tim's -pov-


"Jordan you awake"?  "Huh oh yeah I'm fine" Jordan replied to me.  "so did i really just meet Niall Horan"?  "yep you did he moved in a few months ago with Zayn" i told her.  

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