He's my Neighbor

Jordan had just moved into her new house with her mom, sister, stepdad, and step-brother. Jordan had a giant crush on Niall Horan and loved every member of One Direction, she never thought she would meet her dream crush until she moved into her step-dads house.


1. moving day

Jordan's -pov-


I still don't get why we have to move mom, i said.  "because sweetie Jeff and I are married now and it will be a good time for your sister Paula, Tim, and you to become better friends.  now go finish packing" she replied.   ugh i walked upstairs then turned on my favorite song Live while we're young, i jammed out and packed then put everything into the moving truck.  except for my signed picture of Niall i had gotten for my birthday last year, i put that and my One Direction cd's in a little bag then hopped in the car and drove away. 


when we finally got to Jeff's house from the 3 hour drive i went straight up to Paula's a my room, and unpacked.  I had half of the room for my stuff and Paula got the other.  on my half i had One direction, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Liam posters all over.  and there was Paula's side, with Twilight pictures all over, she loves twilight if you haven't noticed.  *knock knock* come in i said.  "hey so i see you like One Direction" Tim my step-brother teased.  "no duh it's my dream to meet Niall" i replied.  "well then follow me" Tim said.

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