He's my Neighbor

Jordan had just moved into her new house with her mom, sister, stepdad, and step-brother. Jordan had a giant crush on Niall Horan and loved every member of One Direction, she never thought she would meet her dream crush until she moved into her step-dads house.


3. lets try Niall again but with Zayn



"Lad is everything ok i heard a slight scream so i came out"  into my house walked Zayn Malik, One Directions pretty boy.  he had stopped in his tracks and looked at me.  "your Zayn Malik" i said in a crooked voice.  "yes I am and may I ask your name" zayn said kinda shyly.  "I'm Jordan Smith"  "well it was nice to meet you.




"Niall she is just so beautiful I can't help thinking about her she just drives me crazy we're going back tomorrow ok"  "ok ok Zayn just relax" Niall said  "i can't Niall i just can't"  that night  i fell asleep thinking about her I wonder if she has a boyfriend I wonder if she likes me I wonder if and then i fell asleep.


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