Risks Worth Taking.

Grace McGreen, is no normal half-blood, if half-bloods could be normal. She was the unthought of, unwanted, yet the prized jewel, Daughter of the forbiden goddess, Artemis. Yeah, That's right, the Maiden one, sworn off from men, but like Athena, everyone gets around.


2. Chapter Two.




Chiron called all the Heads of the Cabins to stand beside the fire next to him, on the other side of the newbies, I could hardly see over Chiron's head to get a better look at them but it was hard, terribly hard.

''Camp Half Blood, As You all Know, Today, We gained new Members of our family. Before we get to that, We will have a cabin check and any other news. Grace.'' Chiron said turning to Grace.

''Sup?"She asked cocking her head to the side, getting laughs from the Hermes kids.

''Any news you would like to tell us?''Chiron sighed.

''Not Really,Other than when you guys come for archery,''She turned to the camp.''Please, may I beg you this, Do not, And I do not stress this enough, Touch my bow.''She hissed out, Her eyes baring down on the Stoll brothers.

''Thank you Miss.McGreen.''Chiron cleared his trought.''Now, Miss.Cooper and Mr.Andrews please go over the cabin arangments.''

I stepped up and looked at the camp with a big, white smile.''Hey guys, Well, lets see. Tanner may I please she the roster.''I asked Tanner, Or as Chiron called him 'Mr.Andrews' .

''Yes Ma'am.''He said handing over the clipborad.

''So, As always, The Aphrodite cabin was as it always is, the cleanest, No cleaning dishes for us!''I smiled, Getting Cheers from my cabin.''Artemis, Good, But Please My dear Grace, Water those trees, Hermes, Gosh, Y'all are terrible, Dish duty for you,''There was an echo of boo's coming from the crowd,''Poseidon, Okay, PUUUH-LEAS pick up your underwear before I come in thanks.'' I winked towards them and then continued.''Athena, Great, Good job guys! Um, Demeter awesome, love the Little Lily's by the way, they are to die for. Zeus, please take out that secureity alarm, I need my eyebrows, thank you, but your are fine. Hades, The outside is fine, but there is no way in hell I am going in there!''I groaned, and Chiron grumbled.''Sorry for my cursing. Okay, Ares, Your cabin scares  me also. Apollo, Beautiful paintings, Love it. Hephaestus, It is too hot in your cabin, Heard of an AC? Dionysus, Your grapes are yummy, so you pass. And I beleive that's it Chiron.''I turned around and smiled sweetly at him and went to go stand in between Grace and Liam.

''Thank You Miss.Cooper.''Chiron said in that scary deep, horse voice of his.''Now on to the Freshly out of the outside world New ones.''He turned to the group of boys and gave them a small smile.''These are Harold Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson.''He said a four extreamly hot boys stepped in front of the fire, each giving a small wave. I looked over at them and studied their faces, and then the signs began to appear above each one of their heads.



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