Risks Worth Taking.

Grace McGreen, is no normal half-blood, if half-bloods could be normal. She was the unthought of, unwanted, yet the prized jewel, Daughter of the forbiden goddess, Artemis. Yeah, That's right, the Maiden one, sworn off from men, but like Athena, everyone gets around.


3. Chapter Three.




The fuck just happened? These kids where new, they just got here and they where already getting claimed! It took me a whole month! Above the curly haired boy appeared a small Egale, the sign of Zeus, Ugh I hope he isn't one of those,'Oh, I'm Zeus' kid I'm soooo cool.' Types. Above the short blonde one's head apeared a small sun, looks like mama here has a new cousin. Above the dark haired one with a quiff appeared a dove, the sign of Aphrodite, I held back a laugh, Oh thats just grand. and above the last on, the one with striking blue eyes and a quiff appeared a modern email sign, the newest sign of Hermes, Oh gods, I hope he is NOTHING like The Stolls..

Liam Looked a bit dissapointed that he didn't get a new brother or anything but her clapped softly too along with the rest of us, Beth clapping the loudest of them all, maybe a little too overly happy with the thought of a new brother AND the thought of four new extreamly attractive boys.

''My I introduce to you, Harold Styles, Son of Zeus, Zayn Malik, Son of Aphrodite, Niall Horan, Son of Apollo, and Louis Tomlinson, Son of Hermes!''Chiron called over the clapping crowd.''Camp Fire Dismissed, You may all go to the Mess Hall Now for Dinner.''

Everyone Made their way down to the Mess Hall, I grabbed a plate of Nachos and a small Coke and sat down at my always lonsome Table.

I poked at my Nachos and hummed to myself silently trying to stay a little up-beat.

''GRACCIEEEE PPPPPOOOOOH!!!''I heard Beth call from the crowded Aphrodite table.''Say Hey to Zaynnn!''She laughed putting her arm around the dark hair boy with a huge smile.

I waved.''Hey Zayn.''I shrugged turning back to my food.



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