Risks Worth Taking.

Grace McGreen, is no normal half-blood, if half-bloods could be normal. She was the unthought of, unwanted, yet the prized jewel, Daughter of the forbiden goddess, Artemis. Yeah, That's right, the Maiden one, sworn off from men, but like Athena, everyone gets around.


6. Chapter Six.



I rolled out the little blanket that we brought along with us and smiled.''Now I want me some food, What did they pack this time?''I asked standing back up straight and grabbing the wooden picnic basket and rumaging throung it.

I pulled out a small container of strawberries and a cup of chocolate, Yum, and a few ham and cheese sandwitches and sighed, not a lot, but good enought.''Looks like just enough sandwitches for all of us and some strawberries and chocolate.''I said placing the food down on the blanket and sitting down, being followed by Beth and Liam.

Niall was the firest to find us, he brought his guitar and another basket, which he wouldn't share with any of us, even when Beth tried charm-speack.

''You are stronge with the force.''Beth said, even though Aphrodite girls where always thought as really preppy and not Star Wars Geeks,But Beth was more of a mix of Star Wars and Preppy, Like her secert stash of lightsabbers she keeped locked up in chest in the Aphrodite Cabin.''Wait, What? The Force, does that come with being a half-blood?''Naill asked confused.

''No, She is very much of a Star Wars freak.''Liam smirked.''Shut up Payne!''Beth squealled grabbing up a small silver spoon and holding in Liam's face.''Don't make me.''She growled.

''P-Put that down Bethany Paige Cooper.''Liam Chocked out with a scared expression on his face.I laughed and Niall looked even more confused.''Liam Hates spoons.''I explained grabbing the spoon out of Beth's hand and throwing it at the nearest tree.''Freedom of the spoons!''I cheered with a smile.''You guys are weird, but a good type of weird.''Niall Grinned.

''Awww Thanks.. Uh I don't have a nickname for you.''I frowned all sad and stuff.''Beth?''I asked to see if she could come up with one.''Nialler?''She shrugged dipping a strawberry into the chocolate and taking a small bite.

''Love it!''I laughed.''I shall bid the Nailler of CHB!''I said tapping him on the shoulder with a rolled up napkin, being all formal.''Thank you Miss.McGreen.''Niall said with a smile.

Harry and Louis came walking up the hill talking like old friends, shoving each other a bit and then laughing hard enough to make my own stomach hurt.''Hurry boys!''Beth called with a flirty smile.''Beth, No. You can't always get the boys, save some for me.''I whispered in her ear with a smile.''Dang.''She snickered sitting up strait as the boys came over to us.''Hey People, Niall and Grace!''Louis said with the biggest smile possible.''Hey.''I said taking a bit of my sandwitch and looking at them.

''Come sit boys!''Beth said with a perky grin, patting the blanket,''Just sit anywhere.''

''Ooo! I call Super Girl!''Louis said running over to the seat next tome and planting himself down on the blanket.''Super Girl?''I asked cocking my head to the side.''Yeah, You totally kicked that dudes butt today, what if he tries to get me agin!? I need you to save meeeee!''He cried out clasping his face in his hands.

''You are overreacting Lou-Lou.''I said sticking my bottom lip out.''No, You are a kick ass ninja!''He said sticking his finger in front of my face.''And you act like a total kid, but it's kind of a good thing, won't help with monsters but you know, you can just talk them to death.''I said grabbing his finger and pushing it away from my face.

''Harry, you can sit by me mate.''Liam said with a warming smile, trying to be as friendly as possible.''Oh, Okay.''Harry smiled softly and made his way next to Liam and Niall.''Now, Where is Zayn?''Beth asked with a huge frown on her face.''I have no Ide-''I was cut off mid sentence by a loud scream and then the the Arena exploded in flames.


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