Risks Worth Taking.

Grace McGreen, is no normal half-blood, if half-bloods could be normal. She was the unthought of, unwanted, yet the prized jewel, Daughter of the forbiden goddess, Artemis. Yeah, That's right, the Maiden one, sworn off from men, but like Athena, everyone gets around.


7. Chapter Seven.



''My fuckin' Gods.''I gasped, reaching around for my bow, It was no where to be seen. Then it clicked in my head, someone touched my stuff. I jumped up and ran as fast as my feet could carry me, my hair blowing in my face everyonce and a while.''Grace!''Beth called from behind, the group running after me.''Has she gone crazy?!''Harry exclaimed trying to catch up with the others.

I reached the bottom of the hill and made a bee-line for the entrace to the arena which was blocked off by worried campers, ''Hephaestus cabin in front, Where is Liam?!''I barked out orders grabbing a sheild from one of the Ares cabin members and walking up to the entrance.''Okay, Hephaestus you will follow up front, move the fire out of my way, Apollo kids behind me for first-aid. Payne!''I screamed over the crowd and Finnialy Liam came bounding through the campers and panted.''What?''He asked.''Come help, I might need your help, duh.''I grabbed his hand and followed the Hephaestus cabin through the entrace and into the infrerno.


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