Risks Worth Taking.

Grace McGreen, is no normal half-blood, if half-bloods could be normal. She was the unthought of, unwanted, yet the prized jewel, Daughter of the forbiden goddess, Artemis. Yeah, That's right, the Maiden one, sworn off from men, but like Athena, everyone gets around.


5. Chapter Five.



I skipped over to my group of campers at the weaving and home goods making area, I don't do fighting.

''Hey guys, Hows it going!''I beamed sitting down on my little stool infront of the class.''I'm Bored.''Jake Markwood sighed from the back of the class.''Jake, You are not really bored, you are just sad because you are so lame.''I said putting some charmspeak in my words.''I am not bored, I am just sad because I am Lame....''Jake echoed after me and I smiled.


After class I ran out of the class room at the big house and ran to the arena.''GRACIEEE POOOHH!''I screamed rounding the corner and running throught the archery range that was set up to use while the old one was being repared.

''BEETTHHHIIIIEEEE PPPPOOOOOOHHHHH!!''I heard two familiar voices scream back at me coming from my left, I turned and braced myself for total hugging abillity. I was tackle-hugged by two extreamly happy, Liam and Grace.

''Hey Guys, You ready for picnic day!''I exclaimed excitedly.

We all skipped to the Mess Hall and grabbed one of the prepacked picnic baskets and made our way to the strawberry fields.''I hope y'all don't mind, But I kind of Told Zayn that he and his friends could eat with us today.''I gave a small smile.

''Oh, Well, that's nice of you I guess, maybe We can get a few more britts as friends like Li-Li over here.''Grace said elbowing Liam with a smirk.

Liam pouted at her and I laughed, I loved how we all acted like brother and sisters around each other. It was so sweet.

We found a empty stop near the feilds and waited for the boys.



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