Risks Worth Taking.

Grace McGreen, is no normal half-blood, if half-bloods could be normal. She was the unthought of, unwanted, yet the prized jewel, Daughter of the forbiden goddess, Artemis. Yeah, That's right, the Maiden one, sworn off from men, but like Athena, everyone gets around.


8. Chapter Eight.



I ran after Grace almost tripping over my own feet. When we finnialy reached the edge of the Arena a whole bunch of campers where screaming around, I pushed through the crowd and gasped at how bad the Arena really was.

Smoke steamed out of the doorway, causing my eyes to burn, Walls where slowly crubbling to the ground. And then it hit me, Where are Liam and Grace? I started panicing.I turned to the closest person to me and grabbed their shoulders.''Where are they!?''I shook their shoulders.''W-Who?''The whimpered out.''Grace and Liam!''I cried out at her.''I-In There..''The pointed at the Arena and my hands fell to my side.''What...?''I choked out and turned around, my eyes glaring at the entrace, Why did this stupid building have to exploded, why did my friends have to risk their life for this, why?

I stood up on a barrel and turned to the crowd, I was getting pleanty tierd of their loud and rude remarks.''Y'all Guys SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!''I screamed and everyone went silent and turned to me. I couldn't stand it any more, tears stung my eyes, I dropped to my knees and covered my face with my hands and prayed for my mother to keep them safe between cries, the whole time the Harry, Louis and Niall sat beside me tring to calm me down It didn't work.

I was shot out of my thoughts when someone yelled,''Step back! Apollo cabin, NOW!!''In a familiar voice, Grace. I shot up and spun around my eyes darting to the group to the side of the entrance, I could see Grace calling out orders to the Apollo kids, Yet no signs of Liam. I ran over to the group and bent down behind Grace.''Grace where's Lia-''I stopped mid-sentence when I saw them. Liam and Zayn laid crippled on the ground swarmed by Apollo healers, My heart dropped to my stomach, more tears stung my eyes, I quickly crawled over to the two.

Zayn's eyes where shut tight as the healers did their job on him, but atleast he was moving. Liam on the other hand, was out cold, the ends of his hair was smoking slightly and his top was almost ash.''Liam..?''I touched his face softly with the tip of my finger.''Come on Payne, don't give up on me.''I choked out, the tears streaming down my cheeks faster.''Liam, Come on, wake up. I won't taunt you with spoons anymore if you do, come on Liam.''I nudged his cheek again.

''Beth, You need to back up so the Apollos can get to Liam.''Grace said putting a hand on my back. I nodded and stood up slowly. Grace put her arm around my shoulder and brought me back over to the other boys.''What happened?''Louis asked, whipping small tears off his eyes with a napkin.''Well, Zayn thought It would be nice to practice a little more with his archery, and well he thought that my bow was one of the training bows, and it didn't go so well.''Grace sighed.''That was dumb.''Niall muttered.''Grace that was brave what you did there, When you uh, did that running down the hill thingy.''Harry smiled, wow, this was not the time for flirting.''Yeah, and a bit risky too.''I gave Harry the death glare as I spoke.

One of the Apollo kids ran over to Naill and grabbed his arm.''We need as many healers as possible, you could help.''The kid said dragging Naill over to Liam and Zayn. I watched them leave and I sighed, whipping off my forehead which was beaded with sweat.

A few minuetes later Naill ran back over to us panting.''We did it, Their all fixed up, might be a little sore for a while but their breathing and are alive.''He managed. I didn't wait for anyone else, I darted over to Liam and dropped to my knees.''Liam.''I smiled.''Beth.''He managed a small half smile.''Don't ever scare me like that ever agin.''I laughed. Before he could reply I slammed my lips onto his.


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