Three's A Crowd

Angelina never thought that she would have 2 guys from one of the worlds most famous boy bands be in love with her. The problem is, she only loves one..


5. 5.


We were eating our pizza in silence, just enjoying ourselves. Just as Liam was about to take another bite, his phone rang. He used one hand to reach for his phone, while in the other he was still holding the pizza. Looking down at the caller I.D., he mouthed to me that it was Paul, their manager. I just nodded and then he walked away a bit just out of earshot so that I couldn't make out what they were saying. I continued to eat my pizza. 

"Well, Paul just told me that we have to go back because it looks like we still have rehearsals today, even though it's getting pretty late.. C'mon, we should get going now." 


I quickly wolfed down the rest of the pizza, as did Liam as we made our way to the car.


Harry's POV

Angeline. I can't get that name out of my head now. When I laid my eyes on her, it was like, like, there's no words to explain it except that I was in love at first sight.

When she stood right next to me at the swings, I saw Liam and the momentary glare in his eyes. What's up with him? I really didn't appreciate that look he gave me. Wait, why am I getting so worked up about this?

By now I was inside the hotel room. I proceeded to go and sit down on the couch.  

As I was sitting down continuing to think about all of this, Zayn walked in and sat down on the other end of the couch. He turned on the TV, but put it on mute when I started to speak to him.

" Have you talked to Liam recently?"

Zayn turned to look at me. "What do you mean? Of course I have!"

" I mean, has he told you any secrets or anything..?" I looked at him, going he would tell me something that would help me end this mystery.

" Well, if he did or didn't tell me, it's a SECRET so I wouldn't tell you either way."

" But did he tell you anything?" I now leaned closer to him, staring him in the eyes. I was getting a bit annoyed.

He held his gaze but then his lip quivered and he dropped his head down and whispered something.

"What? Speak up Zayn I can't hear you!" Jackpot! He was hiding something because that's what he does when he's lying and I wasn't going to let my opportunity pass this easily.

" Ugh fine, but you have to promise not to tell ANYONE, Angie included. Liam likes her and for some reason he thinks she likes him back."

I just stared at Zayn. So that explains it then.

Just then, the door opened and in came Liam carrying Angeline.


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