Three's A Crowd

Angelina never thought that she would have 2 guys from one of the worlds most famous boy bands be in love with her. The problem is, she only loves one..


3. 3.


Liam turned on the radio and started to blast it as soon as "Highway to Hell" started playing.

"IM ON THE HIGGGHHHH WAYYY TO HELL!! NUH NUH NUH NUHNUH HIGHHH WAYYYY TO HELL!!!" We were practically screaming that part because that was the only part we knew.

"Don't you think it's odd that we're singing about a highway, when we're on a road?" Liam questioned

"Same thing!" I told him as we neared the river.

As we got closer, I saw emergency personnel ad their bright trucks. There were EMT's, fire fighters, and even some police officers. There were tow trucks pulling cars from the bridge.. Or at least what was left of it.

"Oh. my. Gosh. What. Happened?" I stared in awe as the scene unraveled in front of us. "How am I supposed to get home NOW?" I complained.

"You can stay at the hotel with me... And the rest of the boys." 

Liam offered.

"Sure, just let me call my parents. We've taken long enough anyhow."

****Ring ring ring***


"Angie, where are you? You're supposed to be home now!"

"Umm mom. There's been an accident-"


"CALM DOWN MOM! The bridge has collapsed, thats all. Umm, I don't know if you know or not, but I happen to be sitting in a car with Liam Payne.. From One Direction.. And he offered to let me yay at the hotel until there's a way to get access the river.."

At that I signaled to Liam to go and ask one of the officials to seeing there will be any boats or anything going out cross the river. He left and started to talk to one of the officials. I watched his hot self, I mean, I watched him talk to one of the rescue workers as I talked to my mom.

"Well, since there doesn't seem to be any other place for you to stay.. Alright. Come back as soon as possible okay honey? Love you,bye."

"Love you too mom, bye."

As soon as I said that, Liam got into the car and gave me the news.

"They said that there won't be any boats or any mode of transportation across the river either way for at least another two weeks until they can get all the bridge debris out from the river and clean everything up and hopefully start repairing the bridge. The man also told me that due to costs, they can't afford to have more than one boy a day going back as forth as soon as the clean up is finished. So, that gives you about 2 weeks and a half?"

"Ugh. Great. Now I'm going to have to stay in the same clothes for two as a half weeks. Disgusting."

Liam chuckled when I said that.

"Don't worry, we can go shopping later. For now, let's go to the hotel!"

********* At the hotel ********

"We're here!" Liam said. He got out of the car and walked to the other side as opened the door for me.


We walked inside and the place was beautiful. There was a high ceiling adorned with lots of mini crystal chandeliers. Liam led me to the elevators and we got inside. He pressed the button for the 7 th floor and we went up.

We for out of the elevator and walked all the way down a long hallway. After what seemed like an eternity, we opened the door.

"Welcome to our hotel room, Angelina." Liam said in a "professional butler" type of voice.

I walked in and he followed behind me.

"Umm, can I take a look around?"


It was a big "mini apartment". It had a living room, and a tiny kitchen with a breakfast bar. I looked down a hallway from the living room and saw that there were 3 doors lining both sides of the hallway. "those must be the bedrooms" I thought to myself.

"you guys have a nice place! But, where are the rest of the boys?"

"They went to the mall. I was suppose to meet them there but you know, that's when I rescued you so, yea. C'mon, sit on the couch with me and we could watch a movie if you like."

"Sure. Out something scary on, I love those!"

About an hour into the movie, the part where the girl was walking through the house and looking for the monster came on. The monster crept up behind her, and I tensed up because I knew what was going to happen. Liam must have felt me tense up because he put his arm around me and I snuggled up against him. When the monster caught the girl, something came up behind me and Liam and yelled "BOO!!"

"AHHHHH!!!!" me and Liam yelled at the same time. We quickly turned on the lights and turned around, to see four guys on the floor, clutching their stomachs in laughter.

"GUYS!!! That wasn't very nice! Angeline was scared out of her wits because of you!"

"Like you werent!" I teased Liam

Liam then spoke to the boys sternly, "Alright, whose idea was this?"

The three of the four guys made eye contact with Louis, then quickly turned back to Liam. Too late. They were caught.

"Louis! You're so mean!" I pretended I be angry with him. I went to him and gently punched him in the shoulder.

"Ermm, how do you know my name?" He asked

"Umm, let's see. Maybe because you're In ONE DIRECTION!!!" I made my point.

"Oh right, I forgot." Louis looked embarrased, as if he'd forgotten he was in one if the most famous boy bands in the world.

"We'll guys, this is Angelina! She can't go home because she lives on the other side if town and the only bridge to get there is smashed up. So, I key her stay with us until it gets repaired!"

"Hi Angelina!" The boys chorused together as they formed a line to greet me and shake my hand.

I went down the line, I greeted each of them. When I went to greet Harry, it seemed like my world stopped. He looked at my eyes no, into them and his gaze just captured me. Something snapped me out of my gaze. Liam was shaking me.

"Erm, Angeline, you still have Niall.." He pointed out.

"Oh yes, right." I nervously giggled. I went up to Niall and we introduced ourselves.

"Right, now that we all know each other, and there's nothing for us to do here, why don't we go to the park!"

Louis said.

"Umm, isn't it wrecked?.." I told him.

"No no, love, the one on the 9th floor!" He said excitedly. Hearing no protests, he opened the door and pushed all of us out into the hallway and towards the elevator. We crowded in and somebody hit the button, because we started to go up.

We all stepped out of the elevator. Louis ran off with Niall, and Zayn went off to the back somewhere.

That left Liam and Harry standing on either side of me. It seemed like they were both waiting for me to look around.

There was a swing set, a seesaw, ( which Louis and Niall were in the process of destroying by slamming it too hard on the ground) a sandbox, ( for the younger guests?) and some benches.

"Let's go-" they both interrupted each other. Harry out his arm around my shoulder and started to lead me away

I could have sworn I saw a flash of hurt and longing in Liam's eyes right before Harry said,

"You've had her long enough, now it's my turn." He smiled at Liam, then at me as he led me towards the swings.


Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think. Be as harsh as you want I really need to know what my weak points are. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them! I'd love to see what you guys have in mind and I might just include them ^.^

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