Three's A Crowd

Angelina never thought that she would have 2 guys from one of the worlds most famous boy bands be in love with her. The problem is, she only loves one..


2. 2.


"What's your name?" Liam asked me as I was just staring out the window at the dark stormy sky. The tornado thankfully had gone away.

"My name's Angelina." I replied.

"That's a beautiful name." Liam murmured.

"What?" I asked him. "Speak up a little I didn't hear you." I thought I heard "beautiful" in there somewhere but, he could've been talking about the town or something.

"I erm.. meant. the..... sky.. the sky was beautiful!" He covered up. "Well, alrighty then!"' I said.

"So where are we going, and how far away is it?" I questioned him because I was really tired and hungry. I think that he must have heard my stomach growl right there and then so he pulled over into the nearest pizza parlor.

"Yum!" We both said at the same time then burst out laughing. Okay now, I LOVE pizza and when we went inside, my mouth watered. "OH.MY.GOSH. I NEED TO HAVE EVERYTHING!!" I yelled and everybody turned to look. Luckily, there were only like two other groups of people inside so we were lucky.

"Shh!" Liam shushed me. "You don't want to attract attention to me right? You are with me, THE Liam Payne according to you, you know." He smiled as he said that. Gosh his smile is adorable.

"Okay, okaay. Sorry" I giggled as I whispered that to him. "At least nobody here seems to know who you are."  

"Yea, why don't you go sit down and I'll order?"  

"Sure!" I went and sat down. I was so hungry.. "SHOOT!" I exclaimed as I realized I hadn't texted my parents that I'm fine ( and hanging out with Liam Payne).  

To: Mom,Dad

You: hey guys I'm fine don't worry

Mom: you sure honey? I was worried to death about you! Where are you?

Dad: Alright, just be home soon. Luckily the tornado didn't come near us.

You: okay dad.

You: mom don't worry I'm fine. I'm at the pizza parlor across the city don't worry I'm with someone..

Mom: oh really? Who?

You: it's a complicated story.. I'll tell you as soon as I get home though don't worry nothing will happen to me.. The person I'm with cant risk his career for anything.

Mom: hmm, alright. Be home soon darling.

You: K

I put down my phone just as Liam came over with the pizza.  


"We're you talking to your parents?"  

"yea, they were worried, well, atkeast my mom was."

"At least now they know that you're safe."

Liam smiled as he said that and sat down. Immediately I dig into my pizza and ate it ravenously.

"You must be really hungry!" Liam exclaimed.

"Yea I guess I am. Hey, listen, un since my parents want me home, would you mind driving me as soon as we're done?"  


"Sure, where do you live?"

"I live in the other side of the city, across the river. It's about an hours drive from here. Where are you guys staying?"

"We're staying at the hotel a few blocks from here. It's a good thing that there was a tornado to scare lots of people out of the town so we have less of a chance of being mobbed!"  

"oh wow. I thought you loved your fans?" I gave him a friendly push.

"I do, it's just that some of them are a little too loud.."

"I know what you mean. But, won't that mean that you guys will barely have anybody at your concert tomorrow?"

Liam just smiled. "We'll figure something out..C'mon let me drive you home!"

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