Three's A Crowd

Angelina never thought that she would have 2 guys from one of the worlds most famous boy bands be in love with her. The problem is, she only loves one..


1. 1


I was walking home, well, running because my BFF Cristina just texted me:

Cristinaa! : Hey Angelina, are you home? if not, u better hurry becuz theres a tornado watch!!

Me: Oh really? gosh I better hurry! thanks.

As I looked up from my phone, I stumbled and tripped over something and crashed to the ground, my books and everything spilling out of my bag. "Great." I mumbled as I got up and got my stuff together. I looked up into the sky and saw that there were some clouds starting to spiral, "just how tornado clouds do before they form," I ermembered from the passage in science that we read a couple days ago. "Shoot." I picked up my things and headed home. All of a sudden, I heard a loud roar and turned around. I couldn't believe my eyes. About 3 blocks away, there was a HUGE tornado headeed straight towards me! I got so scared and I ran, faster than I think I've ever ran. About 10 seconds later,, I was already out of air and was struggling. I noticed the wind pick up and debris started to fly around. Suddenly, I heard a loud pop so I looked behind me, and I saw a tree about to fall on me! Right before it did, somebody grabbed me and shoved me into a car.

As I was about to look up to see who it was, he told me, " Don't look up, you'll most likely freak out." "Okay, this is weird. Does he have some kind of deformity or something? I mean, his voice sounded pretty normal.. WAIT! I've heard this voice somewhere before. But where?" I thought to myself. As he was driving, I decided to take a quick peek. What I saw made me want to scream. I was sitting in  a car with LIAM PAYNE OF ONE DIRECTION. I let out a squeal and I think he must have heard because he looked at me through the rear-view mirror and said " I told you you'd freak out." With a chuckle. "I thought you were some deformed mad man or something, I was actually a bit scared!" I replied. He just did that cute smile of his and looked back to the road.

"So where are we going?" I asked him. " W are going to meet the rest of the lads!" He said happily. Well, this day was changing fast for me. I wonder what could happen..


Okay guys I know this sucks but I have like nothing else to do so yea. If you have any suggestions just comment it. Don't be afraid to tell me what is wrong with it. I need to know for the future!! Thanks guys! Also, I won't upload the next chapter next sunday though until I get like 5 votes and reads.. so spread the word please!


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